6 Good Reasons Why Your Clothing Central Needs an App Right Away

On average, a person spends about 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phone on a daily basis. That’s a sizable amount of time for an individual, but a blessing in disguise for the business having its own app. 

Mobile apps are the new marketing dimension for brands that love to explore and experiment. They may have the social media and a wonderful website, but a mobile app adds a multifold experience to the user. 

Tap, tap, tap and order coming through!

Users find it more convenient when their favorite brands finally achieve a platform where they can finally spend some time, discovering the products they like. More often than not, it lets them reach the brand of their desire in just a matter of seconds. 

And when it comes to a clothing brand, the experience becomes energized with the bare-necessity customer points it can touch with just an app. 

Considering everything above, most businesses are shifting to apps to save the customer’s time and hassle; here is every reason why your fashion e-commerce should become a model of the Milan Fashion Week of Apps. 

Let’s begin.

  • Brand Visibility Becomes Larger Than Life

As we’ve mentioned before, people spend a good time on their smartphones. From social media to playing games, it’s the apps that consume most of the attention. 

However, for every app, there’s some sort of recognition in the form of a symbol. For instance, if you want to use the Facebook app, you’ll probably head over to the characteristic ‘f’ over a blue box. 

In that case, your brand’s logo appears as the app thumbnail on the user’s phone. Even if they’re aimlessly sifting through their phones, there’s a great chance your brand’s app will subconsciously become a recognizable one in their minds. 

  • Brand Refreshes with A New Look

Related to the above point, your brand gets a new look with a genie’s-lamp-lookalike shopping portal. If you have invested into revamping your store or your website, the app still gives you a chance to showcase yourself better.

However, you must align your brand elements in your app too, like using the same colors or the same style. If you think your logo looks too much, you might want to consider a similar yet concise and affordable logo design to refresh your brand identity. 

  • Clothing Becomes a Personal Affair

The purpose of an app is to deliver a personalized experience to the users. And since clothing is much more than a necessity, personalization must come naturally to the app. Moreover, it solves the problem for getting the first-page ranking. 

The users could log in, create profiles or integrate their social media with the app, where you get to cater to a personalized experience to the user. 

As your customers log in using their social media accounts, you can tap into insights related to their demographics, interests, behaviors, and shopping patterns etc. These help you target your customers better, but with an extra edge. 

  • Communication Goes an Extra Mile

With apps installed in the phones, notifications become a common thing. Your customers interact and react to them. You get a way to reaching your customers effortlessly than before.

Instead of having your customers finding contact information, all they can simply do is to tap the apparel, order it, and wait for it to reach them. If they need product information or have any query, they can simply communicate via the app than phoning or visiting the site or store. 

  • Consumer Experience Reaches to The Maximum

With an app, your store gives a self-explanatory professional vibe. It smoothly navigates the consumer choice. For instance, you have a consumer persona that prefers linen clothing, you can lay out your collection in a sizzling style.

You can also check out the history of their recent purchase and recommend clothing pairs as per their preference. From one choice to another, your customers get a crisp response via chat, email support, and of course, phone. Online payment also becomes a huge plus. 

  • Store Variety Becomes Hassle-Free

Of all the customer pain points, a piled-up store or a crashing website isn’t something that pleases them. They want a seamless service instead of hassled clothes spread everywhere. The app becomes your savior with all the product information detailed in a neat and visible manner. 

Now you don’t even have to blame the salesman anymore!

Ready for A Clothing Brand App-Venture? 

For all the good reasons we mentioned here, going for an app means proper maintenance. E-commerce isn’t about creating online apps and forgetting them. They’re meant to bring value and ease to the customers and retailers. 

Is there any feature that makes sense to you? Or is there a secret you want to share with us? Let us know!

Guest article written by: Loius Martin is the Creative Marketing Manager at Invictus Studio in Texas. He has been doing digital marketing for the past three years in the US. Loius has extensive experience in blogging and marketing, and his work reflects a deep insight into the marketing tactics of the present world. You can follow him at @loiusmartin1 on Twitter.

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