Count your hours per day in the right way!


Time is the only resource we can never get back, therefore it’s important to give every moment in our life a purpose. It’s fair to assume that, in most cases, a lot of us calculate hours needed for a certain work based on previous experience we had with similar tasks. However, how many of us take into account extraordinary circumstances that may appear during our work? What happens when an urgent task arrives and we still have miles to go in order to finish our current project? Here are a few tips on how to manage your time properly, and make every hour count!

Make long-term plans

Don’t stay captured in a moment, try to think a couple of days ahead. If you have a large project at your hand, divide it into lesser milestones. In order to divide the project, you can choose breaking points within the task, something like distinctive units within the overall endeavor. You can move one milestone per day or create shorter deadlines between the milestones, depending on the complexity and overall due date of the task at hand. This will give you a wider perspective of your schedule, allowing you to squeeze in smaller tasks or reject potential offers that might pose a strain which is always stressful.

Take breaks

It is utterly important to take regular breaks during your work hours. According to researchers working without getting enough rest is bad for your health but it also decreases your effectiveness and creativity. The lack of an intermezzo during your engagement reduces the flow of oxygen which is essential for brain activity. It also puts you under stress which makes focusing on your task a challenging effort. However, make sure you plan your pauses and put them in your schedule, and don’t doze off, you don’t want to get lost in your thoughts and lose valuable time.

Delegate less important work

Imagine you’re a freelance writer, working on a simple project that just landed in your lap.  In the meantime, a more complex project appeared and you decide to take that one as well, but you know you don’t have the time to finish both on time. What you can do is search for an online assignment help agency or freelancer and delegate the less complicated task so you could engage with the new project. Just make sure that when you calculate hours and minutes worked on the new project, it makes financial sense. You could also ask for your subcontractor to use a payroll hours calculator app and save the time you would have to spend otherwise.

Use time tracker

Time tracker apps are a great way to keep both yourself and your clients happy when the time comes to calculate hours you spent working. Most time trackers take screenshots of your desktop to prove the progress you’ve made. Moreover, these software solutions track only the active periods of your work, so you can get a clearer vision of how effectively you spend your time. There are multiple benefits of time tracking, among more notable is the ability to multitask during the day or switch between tasks easier, because you could pause tracking the current assignment and start tracking the new one and repeat the process when you decide to move to the first task again.


Time is essential for each and every one of us. It’s a shame to waste the most of your day working instead of experiencing the world around us. However, in order to be able to fully enjoy life in all its glory, we have to make our work time valuable. Appreciate every minute of your work so others would also think highly of it.

Guest article written by: Bobbi Sanchez is a freelance writer engaged with various respective online publishers. His mission is to influence the audience with his posts and help them do more for themselves. As a freelancer, Bobby understands all the goods and the bads of the trade and makes it his mission to share the experience he has with others.

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