Best Smart Furniture Solutions for Small Homes

by Guest Author on June 7, 2019

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Did you know that you can live big while living small? You may be wondering how that can be possible. Experts from the HomeExpertReviews and furniture designers have been trying to help solve the challenges that come along with living in small spaces by designing smart style furniture which will help save the space in the house. Let’s take a look at some designs of smart furniture for small spaces which offer the best solutions.

Folding Dinner Table

If you’re living in a tiny house with a small family, but you’re also a party person, then this table would be best suitable for you. This table is able to extend in such a way that it’s able to accommodate more than 10 people. You can fold it once the party is over depending on the number of your family members to fit perfectly well. This folding table is smart style furniture which can be used for both indoor and outdoor dining services.

Dinner table

The Murphy Bed

With a small home design, you may be torn in between deciding whether to have a comfortable sleeping bed or a space to entertain your guests. These Murphy beds are designed in such a way that they are able to disappear into the décor during the day leaving for you the space you require for entertainment. The Murphy bed can be classified as smart furniture for small apartments since you can fold it into a chair, shelf or even a reading table during the day thus saving on storage space.

Smart Furniture Technology

There are various smart furniture technologies which have been invented to help refurbish your small living home. The Goci foldable kitchen, for instance, is composed of cooking space with oven, fridge and even a dishwasher. This kitchen can be moved to fit in any room occupying very minimal space. It can only be opened when you need to use it, and once you’re done, you fold it back in place. Another piece of smart furniture technology is the retractable chair which has the capability of flattening. It changes into various shapes and is able to retract back to normal. This is quite amazing since can be used as multipurpose furniture.

Staircases for Tiny Homes

Designing staircases for your home is an effective way of creating hidden storage spaces. You can build cabins under the staircases for storing household equipment or even clothes. These staircases are able to create a lot of cabins inside them depending on the number of stairs in the room. The extra space you get by storing items here allows to accommodate more household properties. It also enhances neatness in the house.

Tiny homes

Create an Eat-In Kitchen

With a small house, it may not be possible to have a living room and a fitting dining room as well. You can, therefore, create an eat-in kitchen by using a fold out café table and a few retractable chairs of the foldable ones for that matter. You can squeeze some space in the kitchen to fit the family during meal times and once they are done the furniture is folded back in place. Smart furniture design will help you easily achieve your eat-in kitchen instead of worrying about a dining room.

Purchase Multi-Use Furniture

Before refurbishing your house, you can do some smart furniture review so that you can select some multi-use furniture which will be able to save on storage space. For instance, you can decide to purchase a chair which can be folded into a comfortable lounge and still be used as a bed in case you have a guest. The day-bed can also function as a sofa during the day and be used as a bed at night – talk about smart furniture for small spaces!

Tuck Away Under the Counter Table

When making a working area in your kitchen, you can direct your carpenter to design a tuck-away table under the working area. This table can just be drawn when you want to use it for instance when taking your breakfast and you also need to use your laptop. When not in use, you just slide it back in place to avoid occupying unnecessary space. This tuck away under the counter table is a smart furniture design which will save you the agony of space.


Living in small houses has been the norm for most families in the west. It can be an interesting experience adopting these smart furniture solutions since they not only make the homes look appealing but also make people think creatively.

Which smart home furniture solutions have worked for your small home? Let us know in the comments.

Guest article written by: Tommy received a designer degree from the University of Delaware. He is interested in the latest technical achievements in the field of cooking, design and architecture.

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