Factors Impacting Software Testing Productivity

Software testing productivity plays a critical role in speeding up software delivery. The higher the productivity, the greater the chances of quick delivery. Therefore, the significance of software testing productivity cannot be ignored by both, the developers and the testers.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting you the list four factors that are impacting software testing productivity.

1.    Lack of Proper Communication

It is important for all the testers to make sure that your communication channel is effective and efficient. Relevant emails are required that must clearly mention everything regarding calls to make to software testing associates. This is followed by meetings that are aiming for an actual communication mode.

Just emailing employees regarding software testing details is not a very good idea. This is because only some people read the entire emails. Meetings and calls must not be ignored. 

2.    Weak Prioritization of Tests

Nowadays, prioritizing any task is very tricky and a crucial job. Therefore, we must prioritize testing risky and high-value-strands. However, if we select the less risky tests cases first, then we will leave the riskier test cases for the end. This is the point where test congestion occurs can create difficult situations for you. So, you are requested to prioritize your test case wisely.

You must keep in mind, that if you select random test cases without any proper priorities and planning, then defect perhaps trouble you and hoard at any point in time.

3.    Lack of Dependency at The Management Level

You need to see all requirements, code quality, the development level of completion, test environment and test data and other tests prior to going ahead with any other step.

Every time analogous dependencies are not succeeded correctly, it can cause needless interruption and also strike of the entire process significantly. The utilization of testing tools can be accommodating in designing, planning, execution, tracking and additional steps in a testing procedure. They offer good traceability for tracking the above-mentioned dependencies.

4.    Everything Regarding Lack of Productivity and Efficiency in the Software Testing Industry

In this software testing industry, productivity and efficiency are of extreme value. Therefore, majority of the companies are opting for test management tools. After every day, release cycles are actually quickly speeding at an enterprise level due to agility, with continuous and rapid practices for on-time project deliveries. Apparently, all companies are using automated tools for testing more than half of test cases and perform less manual testing to keep up the right speed of delivering projects.

Guest article written by: Ray Parker is an entrepreneur and internet marketer with over 9 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Creative Writer and Digital Marketing.

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  1. Great article buddy, Software regression testing should be performed and taken up as soon as the programmer adds new functionality to an application. This is because of the dependency between the newly added and previous functionality that is critical for the software to function according to the requirements defined.


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