7 Free Music Streaming Sites for a Non-Stop Melodic Experience

Life these days is simply impossible to imagine without a background sound soothing things over. Why do you think people can’t stop listening to music regardless of where they are and what they’re doing? Whether in the slow elevator lifts, on the busy rush-hour streets, during work or workouts, before hitting the bed or even mid-sleep, you’ll find people attuned to the track of their choice. It’s an integral element of the modern lifestyle, after all.

Any boring task can be made exciting with the right pumped up track. Similarly, any overwhelming task can be brought down to a balanced pace with a calming audio number sweetening your ear. That is why it is often recommended by experts that you should accompany work with music in order to unlock new levels of achievement.

Therefore, the next time you’re made to work overtime, or you simply find it hard to focus given the number of distractions, plug in your headphones or earbuds, turn up the volume and let it rip. In case you are facing accessibility problems and lack a good music database, then head over to the following websites, which offer music enthusiasts such as yourself a freeway to millions of tracks, ranging from the contemporary to the oldie-gold.


One of the best features of this orange-tinged site is that it keeps itself freshly stocked with the latest music tracks, up-and-coming international scenes, and amazing artistic renditions before they even hit the market. If you are tired of listening to the same songs repeatedly, then check out their new variations and covers on SoundCloud.

The site itself has a user-friendly interface, such that it allows navigation through playback, advertisement-free listening and the convenient option of playing music without having to create a new user account. You can catch fresh podcasts spread over multiple genres, and even upload your unique creation for others to track and follow. In addition, SoundCloud has a mobile app, which is free to download from the Play Store.

Google Play Music

Want to stream your music files from any device and at any time? Then, get a hold of ‘Google Music Playlist’ which seamlessly syncs with your main Google account, saves your tracks there and makes them accessible at a moment’s notice. However, you will have to sign in to use its features, which come advertisement-free only with a paid subscription. Other than this, Google Music Playlist gives you wonderful music discovery options, presenting the latest releases and radio shows, well-sorted by genre.


This music streaming site has a remarkable compatibility across multiple devices, ranging from iOS ones to Amazon Fire set etc. You can either log in via your email or use this site without having to make a separate user account. More importantly, you can tune in to a live radio stream, catch the latest news updates or listen to your favorite podcast channels on end, advertisement-free.

iHeart enables you to add up to six stations of your liking, which are customizable based on genres or cities, and displays tracks related to your choice. However, one thing you need to remember is that it is not an on-demand music service, meaning it does not immediately play the song you type in the search bar. Nonetheless, its interface is super flexible and incredibly easy to master. If you face any issues, you can easily contact its customer support by shooting an email or calling the studio over your Frontier home phone. Convenient, right?


Just like your bartender mixes your favorite cocktail, Spotify collects and brings to you such an interesting amalgam of tracks that are sure to set your melodious soul on fire. On top of hosting a free database of round-the-world music, it allows you to construct as many playlists as you want, depending on the kind of mood you’re in. A free 30-day trial makes premium features accessible to anyone, so you can test them first before buying the whole subscription.


Just like its name, this online music streaming platform is pretty slick, with a number of interesting features. For instance, it has a whole section dedicated to music recommendations based on your listening habits and going by the impelling name of ‘Hear This’. Moreover, Deezer is compatible with popular devices, has a beautiful design, and a proper genre-based collection amounting to a total of 30 million tracks. You can use it offline without being bothered with advertisements or some such if you subscribe to its $9.99/month premium plan.


If listening to the trending radio stations is your main thing, then what better platform than TuneIn to satisfy your transmission thirst? Yes, this online domain features over 100,000+ radio stations—local and international—that’re spread across multiple categories, such as celebrity talk shows, news broadcasts, music streaming sections, and even religious channels etc. You can listen to your heart’s content without having to make a separate account. However, you may not choose specific songs to listen to with TuneIn.


Have you heard of Pandora’s box? It’s supposedly a large storage container consisting of all the world’s evils, according to Greek mythology. Interestingly enough, this eponymous music-streaming site works in a similar manner. It’s an online repository of the ‘musical’ art. Once you log into your account, type a search query about a track or a composer, Pandora will show you a list of stations that ideally correspond to your request. All the music on this site is free, so, you can binge-listen to your favorite tracks as much you like, across multiple devices. For ad-free versions, check out its premium plans.

In conclusion, music is an essential part of our lives, and if you want to listen to it online without the slightest hitch, then do try the aforementioned forums.

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