Most Interesting Smartphone Gadgets to Own in 2019

Even though your smartphone is a multi-tool on its own, it’s important that you understand that with the help of an adequate gadget, you can take this concept even further. You see, no matter how well-designed and envisioned the app is, it still has some hardware limitations, limitations that an additional gadget could easily and efficiently overcome. Nevertheless, each of these gadgets has its own value and if you were to make your own smartphone arsenal, you would have to A) make a budget and B) make a priority list of items that can fit this budget. With that in mind, here are five items that absolutely have to be on this list.


The first thing you need to understand is the fact that not everyone has a smart lock that can be controlled via a smartphone. Sure, this device really isn’t that expensive, yet, you might just be in a spot where you can never get around to finally getting it. Having a Hone is the next best thing. One of the main perks of owning a smart lock is the fact that you will never again have to wonder about where you left your keys. With Hone, a smart Bluetooth tracker for your keyring, you’ll be able to find it effortlessly at any given moment.


Now, it’s time to talk about yet another tracker, this time, however, it’s a device that can make parenting more reliable and considerably safer. Namely, you place this tracker on your child and you’ll be able to see their whereabouts at every moment, even get a notification if they’re considerably off their schedule. Moreover, this device can be acquired for as little as $32. Other than keeping your child safe, you can also place this in your car or on your pet in order to get, more or less, similar perks. The price of safety has, indeed, never been lower and more affordable.

3.Bluetooth headset

The perks of having a Bluetooth headset are too numerous to be listed. First of all, they’re pragmatic for use in motion, where cords would limit your range of movement or get entangled. Second, the lack of cables doesn’t imply the loss of sound quality. As a matter of fact, a high-end Bluetooth headset has much to offer in terms of clarity of sound. Finally, you have so many options out there that you’ll have a hard time choosing. Samsung and Apple aren’t your only choices and gadgets for Xiaomi phones are just as reliable. A device like Xiaomi Sport Bluetooth Headset mini is the perfect example of how this works.

4.Square Register

In the past, independent retailers would kill for such a device. A Square Register is a device that allows you to accept credit card payments with the help of your smartphone. The entire transaction is completely encrypted in order to provide some privacy to both parties and the buyer has to sign on the smartphone in order to authorize payment. This may seem like a simple method, yet, it’s quite reliable when it comes to fraud prevention. Overall, for a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs, this gadget could make a world of difference.


Previously, we’ve talked about the prospect of accepting credit card payments via an outstanding gadget, however, what about the other way around? With the help of a device such as Geode, you can transfer the information from all of your credit cards to your smartphone and even store barcodes from your loyalty card. This provides you with a unique opportunity to unburden your wallet, while not compromising or leaving any of your assets behind. Speaking of smartphone payments, this just might be the future.

Other than this, there are numerous health-related gadgets, fitness-specific devices and more for you to consider. With that in mind, it’s more than clear that this list needs to be composed according to your lifestyle more than anything else. That being said, the above-listed five items are more than a welcome addition for any smartphone user.

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