Fun apps will help you make the most of St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick`s day is celebrated on March 17around the world with colorful processions and parades and is considered a symbol of the cultural heritage of Ireland. If leprechauns and trefoil are in your blood, we offer you a list of indispensable mobile applications and web services that help to celebrate this holiday.


YesterdayMe is a service that allows you to keep track of how much alcohol you consume each day. To use it, you need to register, and then mark on an individual scale, how many servings of a particular drink were drunk on a specific day.

According to the results of data analysis, the service provides reports grouped by week or month. The user can get information about the volume of fluid consumed, find out the average and maximum grade, as well as calculate the dynamics of consumption.

Besides, statistics can be shared with friends, if they are also registered. Excellent service for those who often forget that excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to health.

Drunk Text Blocker and Drunk Mode

Calls and text messages while intoxicated is a severe problem, the desire to dial a familiar number, as a rule, is fleeting, but the consequences of this impulse have to be eliminated by a sober head. The mobile application Drunk Text Blocker is struggling with this.

The developers of the Drunk Text Blocker call themselves “a friend who makes sure you don’t do anything.” It works simply – the user presses the big red “block” button, chooses from the list of applications that he would like to block from use, and sets the time until which this ban will be valid.


One of the best applications for finding places for leisure and recreation is Foursquare. Besides, it works perfectly on the territory of large cities.

Just type a keyword into the search box, and Foursquare will show you the nearest cafes, bars and restaurants, sorting them out by check price, geographic proximity, average user rating, and other criteria.

Among other things, there are very active commentators on Foursquare who can advise that it is not worth taking a vinaigrette in this establishment, but the mulled wine they cook there is excellent.

St. Patrick’s Day Stickers

Participation in the parade on St. Patrick’s Day will not do without selfie with friends. However, even if you did not have time to prepare and did not buy festive paraphernalia, St. Patrick and similar applications.

It allows you to add bright themed stickers to your photo to decorate your picture – the user can use a variety of shamrocks, green cylinders, gold pots, and funny leprechauns.

After applying the stickers, you can save the snapshot to your phone or immediately share it on social networks.

Any Beer ABV

It is one of the most extensive catalogs of beer, which contains about 4,000 brands and brands. The application will show the strength of the selected drink, freeing you from having to read the label on the bottle.

Advanced search is available to those who purchase the full version of Any Beer ABV.

Irish Food Recipes

If you do not like the noisy crowd and decide to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at home, there is a beautiful option for you especially; you can install the app with recipes of Irish cuisine and bring a national flavor to a festive dinner.

In Irish Food Recipes, food is categorized with a separate section for St. Patrick’s Day and traditional dishes for this holiday.

Irish Slang Dictionary

To be like a real Irishman, you need not only to look like an Irishman but also to speak like the native inhabitants of Dublin.

It will contribute to the Irish slang dictionary, which includes idioms, slang related to drinking and eating, as well as memes in pictures of the most critical stereotypes about Ireland.

There were updates in Irish Slang Dictionaryhas been updated since 2008, with new articles being added exclusively by the Irish.

Guest article written by: Melisa Marzett lives in Phoenix, Arizona and works as a freelance writer for about ten years now. Currently working for, she combines work and pleasure traveling and working from any place in the world.

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