How Happy Employees Help to Make Your Business More Productive?

by Guest Author on August 30, 2019

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Increasing Productivity

Employees, without a doubt, are the essential resource for organizations. Employees put in the effort to achieve the organization’s goals. For an organization to succeed, employees need to play a significant role. Productivity is a significant factor for businesses. Higher productivity leads to better performance that includes higher sales and greater profits. This again depends on the employees. Employees need to increase their productivity and work to their full capacity to help the organizations grow.

Organizations can increase productivity in many ways. The best and most effective way is by keeping employees happy. An employee who is content or satisfied with his work environment, salary, job role, and career prospects will be motivated to perform better. Happy employees work at higher levels of productivity, helping in making the business more productive.

Why are Happy Employees More Productive?

There are many reasons why happy employees are more productive. These include:

  • Happy employees are satisfied with how things are going on. They believe the future looks good. This makes them loyal to the organization. It makes them feel a part of the organization, and they put in more effort to improve employee engagement. A loyal employee is more productive as they have an interest in the company’s growth.
  • Happy employees are not just mentally satisfied, but their overall health is excellent. An employee who is not satisfied feels demotivated. The mental state of such employees can affect their health, causing them to skip work. This makes them less productive.
  • Happy employees handle customers in a much better way. A satisfied employee realizes the importance of the customer and doubles effort to keep customers happy. Studies have shown that customer loyalty increases when employees are satisfied.
  • When most of the employees are happy, they all perform to their full potential. This not only increases productivity but also makes them innovate and come out with new ideas. This is beneficial for the organization, and overall productivity would increase.

How to Keep Employees Happy?

Now that we have discussed how happy employees improve productivity, the question is how to keep them happy. There are many ways to increase employee satisfaction, like:

  1. Provide a fair pay that is equal to or above industry standard.
  2. Reward excellent performance with promotions and salary hikes.
  3. Offer bonus, incentives and non-monetary rewards like extra leave, tickets to a show, paid tours, etc.
  4. Help employees in achieving their goals and help them move up the career ladder.

All this is a part of employee engagement, a strategy where organizations connect with employees to make them feel emotionally attached to the company. This is a proactive way of keeping employees happy and getting the best results from them.

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Dev August 30, 2019 at 20:38

It shows the importance of employees in the growth of business. However I also has my own business so I can understand the role of employees. well explained…
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