Should Law Firms Use Social Media Accounts?

by Guest Author on August 30, 2019

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The modern era of attorney advertising probably began with 1977’s Bates v. Arizona State Bar. A sharply divided Supreme Court essentially legalized lawyer advertising as an acceptable form of commercial speech. As far as the Justices were concerned, the Arizona Bar’s presumption that all lawyers already had clients and did not need to advertise was no longer applicable.

The same thing is true forty years later.

There is so much competition that your law firm must set itself apart from the rest. So, a comprehensive social media campaign is usually a good part of an overall digital marketing strategy. Each major social media channel caters to a different market segment, so your firm can target its approach.

Below we’re overviewing the top 5 social media channels and what to post on each one.


Some people are video learners. So, an internet video is an excellent way to reach people who could benefit from content like resource pages and blogs, but will not read them.

Most experts say that ten to eighteen minutes is the optimal length for an informative YouTube video. The closer the video gets to the eighteen-minute cutoff, the better. So, instead of specific and narrow topics, consider making videos on broader topics which can address multiple issues.

A Q&A format is a good way to present videos. If a person delivers a lecture, consider varying the camera angle and making other moves to break things up. There are many options. Webcams are so advanced that an iPhone video almost looks like a Hollywood production.


Most YouTube videos are independent content marketing tools, save for a CTA (Call to Action) at the end which prompts the viewer to visit a website or subscribe to a YouTube channel. Twitter, on the other hand, is a promotional tool.

Twitter is also very easy to use. Many lawyers copy and paste the meta description of a new blog or webpage onto a Twitter post, include a link to the site, and hit “send.” Include a trending hashtag or two to improve visibility, and you are probably good to go.


The granddaddy of all social media platforms is an excellent place to promote existing content and publish new content as well.

Posts should be about forty characters. These brief posts can promote the firm’s website or, perhaps more importantly, promote breaking news in an area of practice, like a result in a talcum powder/asbestos trial.

Blogs on Facebook should be at least 1,000 words. Longer blogs of up to 1,500 words usually do well too. After that, the law of diminishing returns often kicks in.


Until recently, most lawyers ignored Instagram. But over 10 percent of AmLaw 100 firms now have Instagram accounts, largely for recruiting purposes.

This photo and video-sharing platform is a good marketing tool as well. Take advantage of Instagram events, like #throwbackthursday, and post a relevant photo. Or, post blog images on Instagram to promote new content. Creative lawyers may also post practice area hashtags, like #dogbiteshurt.

Guest article written by: Richard Horvath

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