How To Detect A GPS Tracker On Your Car

by Guest Author on September 20, 2019

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Hidden GPS Tracker For Cars

GPS tracking devices are frequently used by businesses to see where company drivers are going, how long they were at each location, automotive security, and so much more. In fact, the location-base technology has been instrumental in helping businesses improve routing, customer service, and asset safety. Unfortunately, technology products can be used for positive applications as well as nefarious ones. Sadly, many consumers invest in hidden GPS tracking devices to spy on their spouses. This is why GPS Tracker Shop is here to provide some simple tips on how to detect a GPS tracker on a car if you believe someone placed a tracking device on it!

GPS Tracking Device: What Is It?

So what exactly is a GPS tracking device? The short answer is a small, covert piece of technology that can record everywhere a person goes, the length of time they were at each location, addresses arrived, addresses departed, speeds driven, mileage driven, and a wealth of other data related to driving activity. These devices can report in real time (live GPS tracking) or store this information to internal memory (no monthly fee GPS tracking) where it can be reviewed at a later time. What makes the GPS tracking device unique is that it can easily be equipped to an automobile without the driver ever knowing! This is because GPS vehicle trackers can quickly and easily be attached to an automobile through the OBD2 port, or covertly connected via surface magnetic mount underneath the automobile. Making things more complicated is that a GPS tracker will make no noise, very small, and often times can not even be detected with the assistance of a bug sweeper! 

Where To Hide A GPS Tracker

Those concerned a GPS tracking device might be hidden on their vehicle should check out these top 5 locations where hidden GPS trackers are often hidden on an automobile:

  1. Hard-wire connected behind the dash via 12volt power 
  2. Plugged into the OBD2 port (often located by below the steering wheel)
  3. Underneath the vehicle connected by magnetic mount
  4. Inside the glove box typically under some paperwork 
  5. Underneath a seat (passenger or driver side)

I Found A GPS Tracking Device On My Car

If you used the above steps to detect a GPS tracking device and found one hidden on your car the next step is what should you do if you find a GPS tracker on your car? First of all, it is important to know that there are many circumstances in which it is illegal to put a GPS tracker on a car, but many circumstances where it is also legal. For example, if you work for a company and operate one of their vehicles it is totally legal for them to equip a GPS tracker on that automobile. This is because they have every right to know where their property is located, and utilize technology to safeguard that asset. However, it is still important to make sure the appropriate legal steps were taken. That is why anyone who finds a GPS tracking device on their vehicle should certainly speak with local law enforcement to report the incident, and hopefully use their expertise to determine where the hidden GPS tracker came from. 

Guest article written by: Ryan Horban is a fleet management expert for Tracking System Direct who has over 10 years writing about GPS technologies. 

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