International Festivals of Delhi

There are many kinds of festivals. Religious festivals, cultural festivals, and International festivals are the most common ones. Here we will talk about international festivals of Delhi, namely New Delhi world book fair, India International Trade Fair and international mango festival. On our Delhi one day tour package, we basically had the intention of Delhi one day tour package sightseeing but when we came to know about Indian International Trade Fair, we decided to visit it and then the guide also told us about the other two festivals.

International Mango Festival

Mango is my favorite fruit I am sure it must be the favorite of many of you. It is today festival which showcases varieties of mangoes grown in India. It is an initiative taken by the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) in collaboration with agricultural and processed food products Export Development Authority, New Delhi Municipal Council and national horticultural board. Over 50 mango growers come from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, and Gujarat. In this festival, more than 500 varieties of mangoes are presented here. Some of them are Malda, Himsagar, Chorasya, Dhoon, Fazia, Malda, Daman, Gelchia, Nigerian Kheria, Mallika, Ruchika, Amrapali, etc. This international festival not only invites the local vendors and dealers of mangoes but also the top Chefs of hotels like Taj Mahal Palace and Tower, Marriott India, Claridges, Maurya Sheraton, Intercontinental hotel, Qutub Hotel, etc. to make recipes with the help of mangoes. The availability of canned products like jams, fruit juice, pickles, and canned fruit makes it even easier. Various activities like eating competitions for women, demonstration of mango carving, mango slogan writing, quiz about mangoes and magic shows also take place. There is a price for the biggest mango out of all.

New Delhi world Book Fair

New Delhi World Book Fair is the second oldest book fair after Kolkata Book Fair. New Delhi world book sale started in 1972. It only had 200 participants in the first year. It has been getting is organized by national book trust of India in association with India trade promotion organization since 2013. Since it is the world book fair, it gives a platform to almost 12000 publishers from India that published more than 90,000 titles. Language is no bar; there are 18 languages or more. India happens to be the third biggest market. Till now there have been around a thousand exhibitors and have accommodated more than one million visitors. The foreign countries which participate extensively are USA, France, Israel, Japan, Canada, Mauritius, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Iran, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, and Germany.

Indian International Trade Fair

It is an international trade fair which is very important for our international business community. It is a great platform to exchange the products and services on an international level. Both foreigners and national delegates participate in it. It is held in November and organized by Indian Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO). ITPO is a nodal agency of the Government of India. There is a theme for organizing it every year. It is organized in Pragati Maidan of New Delhi. Lakhs of people from all over the world visit this fair. You have a great opportunity to have authentic and genuine foreign products.

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