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by Guest Author on May 10, 2019

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The rental process has changed tremendously over the last couple of decades. From newspaper listings we turned to apartment finding websites, which provide us with a large database and lots of customizable search options. We have the possibility to apply and sign leases online, pay rent and submit maintenance requests, get renters insurance, and so much more with just a few clicks. Yet as renters become more digital, we want our homes to match this lifestyle as well.

The idea of smart homes is everywhere, but when you are renting, it’s more difficult to set up all the necessary upgrades. For one, since you don’t own the place, you have to think about practicality and keep everything portable. Then, for every change you want to make, you have to ask for your landlord’s approval and make sure it will not compromise your chances of getting that security deposit back. Despite some setbacks, there are plenty of upgrades to add to your smart apartment.

Living Room

A living room is a great starting point, because most of the tech incorporated here affects the entire apartment. A smart thermostat is an efficient upgrade, as it doesn’t only bring you comfort, but it helps you save money on your utility bill. By programing it to fit your schedule, you reduce your energy consumption, cutting down on costs and on your environmental footprint. The same goes for smart lighting, systems that can be controlled from your phone. Adjust the settings and use only the lighting you need, cutting down on your energy use as well.

Incorporating a smart speaker is also useful if you want to voice control devices in your home, apps, or ordering services. There are plenty of models to choose from. Another great investment is a smart security system to overlook your entire home, which would include a smart lock on your door as well. For this, you have to check with your landlord and make sure they agree to such changes.


If you want to up your tech game, smart gadgets for your kitchen provide an extra layer of comfort and efficiency. Getting up in the morning to make coffee is exhausting, so a smart coffee maker could be a solution. Program it to start brewing your coffee at a certain hour and wake up to the smell of freshly made coffee. Smart cutting boards seem a little extravagant, but for those of you with a love for cooking and an eye for new recipes, these cutting boards could be amazing improvements. They display the text of your recipe and you can follow along as you cut without turning to another device.

A smart fridge is like a normal one, but with a touchscreen on the front where you can enter items for your shopping list or activities you need to remember. It’s a great addition for keeping track of what you need to buy and to do. It is also connected to your smartphone so as to have access to your lists on the go. Before investing in a smart fridge, be sure you’ll have your landlord’s approval and the patience to move it around with you wherever you move next.


A much-appreciated upgrade is a smart toilet. This is not a perfect fit with the rental lifestyle, because it’s very difficult to change this and then move it with you, but you can search for an apartment that already has one. The advantages of such a device are self-cleaning options, movement sensors, and seat warmers. The same accessibility and practicality issues come up with smart showers. They are not as popular, but they do provide extra comfort, by offering you the possibility to adjust the temperature and direction of the water stream and the lighting in the bathroom.

One high-tech device that you definitely can get as a renter is a smart scale. These devices are linked to your smartphone so you can keep track of your weight in your fitness apps. The phone logs your fitness routine and you can even enter nutritional information, to easily keep track of your progress. Smart scales also show you other indices, such as body mass, fat mass, or water weight. 

Once again, it’s very important to remember this is not your permanent home, so think twice about investing in something that will likely stay with the apartment. Always talk to your landlord or property manager to discuss changes in advance and get every agreement in writing. The best idea is to look for small upgrades that will bring you a bit more comfort and pick devices that will help you save on energy and water consumption. In this way, you will have a great return on your investment. 

Guest article written by: Mihaela is a passionate reader and writer, with an affinity for language and linguistics, as well as the latest technological developments. She discovered her passion for real estate at RENTCafé, and you can read more of her articles on their blog.

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