How You Can Remain Organized when Fulfilling Inventory through Amazon

If your business has decided to capitalize on Amazon and the ability to fulfill orders through its platform, then you can know that it is easy to find yourself disorganized. Whether you choose to handle one product, product bundles, or a variety of items, it’s not always easy to know what is going in and out. Amazon inventory management can be ideal for those who want to streamline their processes and to reach new customers that they wouldn’t have been able to without the platform.

Here are some ways that you can manage your inventory for the better.

Narrow down which products are being used through Amazon

It’s likely that you not only fulfill products for Amazon, but that you also have a number of sites that you use. This can be a great way to diversify your income stream and to get the word out there about your product. However, it can be a bit difficult to track which items are going where and how you can make sure they arrive safely at their destination. This is where inventory management software can go a long way toward knowing exactly where each item is going, where it was ordered from, and when it will arrive.

Organization can affect customer happiness

Not being organized can have direct consequences for a business when working through Amazon. Because you are a third-party seller, you have the job of packaging and delivering a product to satisfactory levels. If you find yourself disorganized and end up sending the wrong product in the wrong size or to the wrong address, this can affect your seller rating on Amazon. Having a dedicated system that automates these details can make a world of difference when you are relying on customer satisfaction to keep your business going.

Develop a system

The best way you can ensure client happiness and feel as though you have a sustainable business model is by developing a system of processes. You should be able to know at which point each order is at: whether it is being stored, labeled, packaged, sent, and more. Once you have a system in place, then it becomes easier than ever to make sure clients are happy with your fulfillment. One of the best ways to do this is by choosing an inventory management software that can automate your orders.

This software should be able to connect to whichever ecommerce store you have chosen, while also keeping track of your accounting and whatever shipping solutions you use. This can help you to know in which stage of the payment process transactions are, as well. From there you can know where your process needs to be revised or whether or not it working well. Not only can this help you to streamline your business and save valuable time and money, but it can also assist in customer satisfaction, as well.

In conclusion

Finding a way to develop to track your inventory can make or break a seller working with Amazon. With some organization and detailed software, you can satisfy customers and make your job simpler and easier.

Guest article written by: Alex Schnee

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