Tips to Boost Performance of iOS Apps


Being an app development agency one is required to provide the best service to the application users. When you talk about iOS, which is a leading performer and guarantees no lag in the performance, it is essential to provide useful apps. Here are some tips to provide good iOS Apps concerning performance.

Be secure with the main thread.

The main thread is a working platform which is under the control of UI and controls all necessary functions in an app. It is not beneficial to work heavily on the main thread for codes applied can harm it. UI performs all its function on the main thread, and thus applying heavy codes on it can make the iOS App unresponsive. You can use third-party threads if you wish to work heavily on the codes. The main thread acts as a monitor which controls the entire performance of the application. As compared to android apps, the main thread needs to be given space.

Image Compatibility

While posting an image on your app, it is important to check its compatibility concerning the size. The pre-downloaded image must be of the same size as UI image View. You can manually edit the size of the image, which is a bit expensive but can be good to boost the performance of your app. If you are using an image that is downloaded from remote sources, then look also for the various feature you can add to the image that fits well with UI image Viewer which can improve the performance of your app.

Use sprite sheets

If you are a game developer, you can utilize sprite sheets. iOS apps, especially gaming applications, are expected to be low on size and high on quality. This is where sprite sheets play a major role as these sheets do not consume much memory and make the drawing easy. Ios App Development Services provided by technical agencies have a complete package of sprite sheet tutorials which are focused on developing games.

Choose the right path to transfer the data.

Choose a suitable method to transfer your data from the web service for your app. Two most trending and popular paths for your iOS apps are JSON and XML. JSON occupies less memory but does not transfer entire data at a go. But through XML you can transfer the data at a go but occupies more memory than JSON. Thus, you can choose the right method as per your requirements.

Which storage options complement your iOS app?

While working on large data sets, you need to have an idea about different storage and reading options. Various options regarding storage are structured file saving with JSON, XML format, NSUserDefaults and can archive with NSCoding. NSUserDefaults and structured file saving can be an issue as the former method is compatible with fewer data only, and the latter is an expensive method for your iOS App.

Create the first impact with speedy launch

The first impression is the last impression. As per this statement, you need to have a quick launch system for your iOS App. For creating an impact, network requirements and database need to be efficient. The next point to be noted is to avoid XIBs for they work on the main thread. Consequently, the app may lag in the performance as well as its launch will also be delayed. Most of the agencies that are focused on providing Ios App Development Services have given brief importance on how quick launch can create impact over the users.

Regular updates and evaluation are an added benefit.

Being an application, it always requires development and evaluation. Improve the performance of your iOS application with regular evaluation and finding errors within the app. Errors can either be in memory consumption, regular shutdowns, and CPU usage. To get away with such issues, apply special codes, and reduce working more on main thread rather divide the whole activity over sub-threads.

Optimize Off-Screen Rendering

Off Screen Rendering often works in the background while dealing with UI system of the app. The rendering process thus has to consume a lot of space of CPU and GPU as they are not accessible to the foreground. Certain points need to be kept in mind while optimizing off-screen renderings such as CornerRadius and ShouldRasterize need to be avoided until you are well acquainted with them. Next thing to be noted is to use rounded values as far as possible as it helps while computing different values.

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