Top 5 Amazing Inventions of 2019

Deep fake is one of the most disturbing trends of this year. The technology that allows you to change the faces of the actors on the screen literally. It is enough to have a powerful computer and a special program only.

Chatbots is the reality of tomorrow. With their help, you can control the mixer with your voice. Alternatively, listen to jokes told by the fridge. Already, large technology companies are selling smart speakers that hear to the host and execute his commands – mostly talking about the weather and playing music. Analysts are sure that this year the number of such devices will reach one hundred million worldwide. Besides, in 3 years it will increase to half a billion.

Car helpers save lives. It happened in California the other day. According to local media reports, a drunk driver fell asleep driving an electric car on automatic pilot and ran 13 kilometers at a speed of 112 kilometers per hour. Then the computer stopped the car feeling the danger. Self-driving trucks are already in use in the mines of Norway. They get oriented using satellite navigation.

They are everywhere. On the street, at home. Robots are around us. Besides, already this year we can become semi-androids. It is the idea of ​​direct communication between the brain and the computer. For example, you can print the text with the power of thought, choosing the letters from the table with your eyes. The command to press the desired button transmits the wireless headset, which reads the electrical activity of the brain.

All creatures great and small will become cyborgs too. For example, scientists have already created such bumblebees that monitor farming lands. They are tests at the University of Washington. They built a particular bumblebee case weighing 102 mg. It is like seven rice grains. It contains temperature sensors, moisture, light, as well as modules: memory and satellite positioning. The authors of the project say that the bumblebee has many advantages over drones. For example, it can fly much longer.

Previously, there was a unique device invented for storing products – the functions of a microwave and the refrigerator are in one device.

Soon, thanks to a new invention, it will be possible to check the functioning of the heart even while moving. It will become possible to do a cardiac echo no waiting in line and weekends, just using a mobile phone.

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