Top 8 Benefits of Buying a Used Car Over a New One

There are plenty of reasons to buy used cars. Buying used cars can save you a lot of money, offers the same kind of satisfaction as new cars, and offer quality transportation for several years. There are multiple benefits of used cars, most importantly, a used car price is usually lower than the price of a new car.

Let’s start with the basic advantages of buying a used car or second-hand car:

  • Buying used cars can save you money

On average, the prices of used cars are 50 percent lower compared to new cars. You can pay off loans of used cards much faster thus saves your financing fees. Check second-hand car prices before decide to buy one. 

  • Bulk depreciation

Consumers often complain that new cars depreciate quickly. The cars depreciate constantly as months, weeks, and years pass. When you use used vehicles, depreciation has occurred already. Used cars may gain value. 

  • No hidden fees

Deals on the new cars may look great, however, many new cars have hidden fees including destination fees, shipping charges, and dealer preparation. A used car does not contain hidden fees.

  • Sales Taxes on new vehicles

Many state laws impose state sales taxes on new cars but not used autos. However, when you purchase a used car from a private seller, you do not have to pay sales tax. Moreover, the sales taxes, which dealers add to the cost of new cars maybe a thousand dollars. Do not underestimate and research the state laws before making a decision.

  • Certified and inspected

Certified pre-owned cars assure that buyers of used cars receive a thoroughly inspected and a quality car. These cars have been refurbished, inspected, and certified by a certifying authority or manufacturer that assure the car is of high-quality. These cars have special financing, extended warranty, and other advantages. 

  • Warranties

Some second-hand cars are still a part of the original warranty. Used cars may create new warranties. If used cars have an extended manufacturer warranty then your car can be repaired using quality parts and they offer speedy services. 

  • Lower insurance premiums

If you meet with an accident with a new car, the insurance company shall pay for the car’s worth thus leaving a gap between its purchase price and the worth of a vehicle. Here, gap insurance arrives. This insurance covers this gap, however, it enhances your insurance premium. Gap insurance is not essential with used cars. 

  • Good for the environment

Most of the pollution produced by cars happens during initial shipment and manufacturing. Purchasing used cars minimize carbon dioxide output and they impact the environment much lesser compared to hybrid and new cars. 

If you have doubts regarding buying new cars versus used car, then opt for used cars because a used car valuation is less.  However, you need to be extra-cautious while buying a used car as there remains a keen chance of overlooking certain important parameters. Expert guidance in this matter is always recommended. You should always check all the things before making any purchase decision, also you can check some of the best ways to buy used car. This will help you to get a great deal in the market. 

Guest article written by: Sneha Sharma  is a writer currently associated with Droom Technology. She writes about various topics such as auto news, trends in the automobile industry, auto finance and so on. She has a prominent existence and well participation in different social media platforms.

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  1. I’m actually planning on buying a new car, when I stumbled upon a website that sells used cars with cheaper price which was very enticing since I’m not really earning that much, although I have this constant question that comes to mind, what was the reason that they sold their cars, can you please enlighten me in this regard, thank you.

  2. Hi, This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that used cars benefits. Thanks for sharing useful information.

  3. Hey, the information you have shared is really helpful for the people who are going to buy a used car. I have also bought a used car and also took the services from Used Car Warranty company. So that If my car brokes down, they will help out in the situation.


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