Why you should consider Asp.net for contemporary Web Apps?

ASP.NET Core is an open source web framework and is considered as the next gen of ASP.NET introduced and developed by Microsoft community. ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform, high performing framework for the development of cloud-based, web-integrated modern applications. It is a broad-based modification of ASP.NET MVC and Web API resulting in a single programming prototype. As a redesign, it results in updated, comparatively simple and flexible framework.


  1. Open Source Platform: As ASP.NET Core is an open source platform, you have more control over it and can change it easily according to your own custom requirement. Also, open source platforms provide more stability as the tools for this platform will be publicly available and thus it won’t be abandoned like any other proprietary software.
  2. NuGet Packages: ASP.NET Core is developed on NuGet Packages. This allows developers to load only the packages they need and not the whole assembly. This results in a smaller app, better performance, less servicing and stronger security. Also, this allows faster updates as the afflicted modules can be updated and launched on an individual basis. This made .NET Core placed in the DevOps movement.
  3. Cross-Platform Framework: Supporting Windows, Linux and Mac OS already, cross-platform is the first priority for .NET Core. Such a move from Microsoft and community was considered strange initially. Realizing the importance of it, focusing on flexibility and OS and platform segmentation, such a decision proves to be out of the box. ASP.NET Core gains a wide array of various developers and their input apart from only the Windows developers. This results in the development of software-defined apps and not platform defined apps.
  4. Command Line Tools: .NET Core features Command Line Interface (CLI) which makes it a base for high-level components and tools. CLI is also cross-platform and thus once you have understood the tools, you get the benefit of using it in the same way on all the platforms.
  5. Managed through Synergistic Endeavour: .NET Core is built through the synergistic efforts and endeavors of around 10k developers as the platform is open source. Contributing every issue and feedback, they constantly push the platform to continuous upgradations and betterment.
  6. Part of the Integral Digital Shift: ASP.NET Core is way more than a new tool for software development for the developers. It is a great step to a larger shift in technology, one where a single application can be installed on multiple platforms using an equal original framework and tools. Such tools give more freedom and charge to the developers. Also updating and organizing ASP.NET Core apps is much easier than the traditional .NET framework platforms.

ASP.NET Core is compatible and designed to work effortlessly with a diversified client-side framework such as BootStrap, KnockoutJS, AngularJS.

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Guest article written by: Madhavi, Green Apex

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