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In August 2018, The Office for National Statistics revealed that 100% of households with children in the UK had access to the internet. That means that the vast majority of children will probably be exposed to the dangers of the internet. Mobile phone insurance provider loveit coverit’s survey found that parents’ biggest fear of their children having a smartphone is them talking to strangers, while others feared cyberbullying and accessing inappropriate material. The survey also showed that over half of the parents allow their child to use their smartphones for up to 2 hours, 24% allowed 2-5 hours and 15% don’t monitor use at all.

There are a number of ways in which parents can supervise, filter and monitor their child’s mobile activity, and perhaps the easiest way to do this is with the use of an app. For example, if you’re wondering who your children are communicating with and when, Qustodio provides an account of texts and calls from multiple devices. If the amount of time spent on their mobile phone is an area of concern for you, this app can restrict app access altogether, or you can set your own time limits.

Some apps, such as ESET Parental Control, have the capacity to track your child’s whereabouts, so that if you allow them to go out with friends, you’ll know their whereabouts and you can find them easily if an emergency arises. Certain apps will have a geo-fencing feature, which, as a parent, can give you peace of mind if your child commutes on their own to and from school. FamilyTime is an app that allows you to filter out or block inappropriate or dangerous subjects, so that your children will not be able access websites, videos and images that feature such content. FamilyTime also allows you to set their mobile phones to a lock screen at certain times, so that they can get on with homework or other activities, without distraction.

Another way in which you can keep track of your children’s screen time, is blocking certain apps, at certain times. Kidslox allows you to restrict social media, gaming and other apps that may be cause for concern. On some parental control apps, kids can have the option to ask for permission to access certain content, while others are solely for parental use.

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