Best Practices to Grow Your Instagram Audience Fast

A lot of Instagrammers dream of making their account popular. Of course, each of them pursues their own goals: some want to impress former classmates, others want to advertise their little bakery, and the third wish to promote the account of their cats and dogs.

Whatever your aim is, let’s look at the core points you should elaborate on while running a promotion.

correspondence of the content to the interests of the target audience

For a profile to succeed, it is crucial to determine its focus. Your target audience needs quality content! If you run a bakery, do not post photos from your home parties, unless you bake something for them.

On the other hand, if your Instagram account is a way to keep in touch with friends, then such images are quite acceptable. But in this case, you should not hope that random people will want to follow you. Strangers absolutely do not care about your parties.

Those who build a business need to think about the prospects and share relevant photos. For example, a travel agency publishes pics from beautiful beaches, thereby advertising its own services. In addition, it is excellent to post photos behind the scenes, building more personal relationships with customers.

consistency is the key to success

You should publish your content regularly for your audience to know when to expect it. For that, find out what are the best times to post on Instagram for your particular target audience. As soon as you discover the time, set up a service for scheduled posting, and fix it.  Thus, you will always be present for your audience, and give them no chance to forget you.

automatization of marketing activity

If you want to expand the capabilities and manage your account on Instagram as efficiently as possible, then use the automation services like Ingramer. They possess a number of features which enable the fast growth of the Instagram audience.

First of all,  you may make use of the automated mass liking and following. It increases your account visibility and attracts new users to your page.

Next goes the functions of Automated Comments and Direct Messages. Using them, you increase the loyalty and engagement of your audience so they will never want to unfollow you.

questions to increase engagement

Believe me, your most popular post will be the ones in which you ask your followers about something or use call-for-actions. Posts that include questions, on average, provide 300% more interaction with the audience than ordinary posts.

hashtags in comments

What are hashtags for? For IG users can find your profile and become a follower. It is very important for hashtags to correspond to audience semantics and to be in trend. Nobody will like posts with unknown or irrelevant hashtags.

The text in post caption on Instagram is a specific aspect for effective promotion. Therefore, I advise you to avoid using hashtags in captions, and instead to write them in the first comment and to focus the Instagrammers’ attention on the text itself. This will give you the same result as when using hashtags in the post caption.

Avoid repeating the same tags in every post. Use the hashtag generator to find the best relevant hashtags.

advertising on other social networks

Another way to attract additional traffic to your account is to tell about it to your followers and subscribers on other social media. After all, some users from Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube will prefer to track your updates on Instagram.

distinctive profile style

The last 30 photos of the user are his business card. You need to make them awesome so that the potential follower can make the right decision (to follow you) while studying the profile. You can not please everyone, remember that. Some will leave, without even looking at a third of your content.

Quality is more important than quantity. You need to get rid of all the failed work. Choose a specific style, think about the set of colors of all your images. It is better to adhere to a single style. Thus, the account will look neat and artistic.

So, there was a long list of legitimate ways to attract a vast audience on Instagram, which require effort and dedication. The rest depends on you, on the uniqueness of your profile and on the ability to express yourself.

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  1. Great post thanks for sharing. I’ve not learned Instagram as a strategy for generating a following but have tried a number of other free strategies. You’re right that consistency is key to any of these strategies. Without a strong belief it’s hard to maintain consistency long enough to see results dripping through. Once you get the belief, everything becomes more straight forward: just do the work!


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