4 Reasons To Buy The 2020 iPhone SE and 4 Reasons Not To 

Apple released the new iPhone SE in April of 2020. It’s a phone that holds a unique position. The first iPhone SE was launched back in 2018, many people think that it’s Apple’s budget option, but it’s not really that simple. The idea behind it is to take the form of an old product and modify it a little to fit in newer times. What this does is, it significantly reduces the cost of production, and we all know that this means profit. In 2018, the iPhone SE came with the body of an iPhone 5 but had a bit of a spec update from the iPhone 6s.

In 2020, Apple has played this move again, with the new iPhone SE having the body of an iPhone 8 but having an updated camera and processor. Many people might be excited about the phone and some might just be questioning it, with that said, here are 4 reasons why you should get it and 4 reasons why you should not.

Reasons Why You Should Get It

1. Processor: The new iPhone SE comes with Apple’s latest and greatest ,the A13 Bionic chip. As it goes each year, it is the fastest chip in any smartphone, as a result, the 2020 iPhone SE is the fastest $399 phone out there.

2. Camera: People hardly ever have any complaints from iPhone cameras, this year’s iPhone SE comes with a 12MP, f/1.8 camera at the back and a 7MP, f/2.2 camera at the front. These specs might look underwhelming on paper, but the actual magic is done by the software and processing power, with that, the new iPhone delivers outstanding photo and video quality. The camera quality on the iPhone SE stands pretty tall among the best for a low priced phone.

3. Touch ID: Now, let me make it very clear, I don’t have anything against Apple’s Face ID, but I really think that Touch ID is better and a little more convenient. The fact that you can use the Touch ID at any angle you want but can’t do the same with Face ID is an underrated one in itself. On top of that, the iPhone SE offers a capacitive fingerprint sensor, which works better than an optical or an ultrasonic one, as it is more secure and faster.

4. Wireless Charging: This one might not look like a really appealing feature, but this is considered as a flagship defining feature, as only flagship phones have it. At a price point of around $399, the iPhone SE might be the only phone to have wireless charging capability. 

Reasons Why You Should Not Get It

1. Display: The Display of the new iPhone is probably the biggest turn off about it, it comes with a 4.7 inches Retina IPS LCD display with a resolution of 750×1335 pixels. Yes, that is small, low resolution and is an LCD display. Other phones that compete with the iPhone SE(for example, Google Pixel 3a and Samsung Galaxy A51), all have displays that are bigger, have better resolution and are OLED technology.

2. Battery: The 2020 iPhone SE packs in an 1821mAh battery. No, you’re not wrong if you think that it’s small. You can get phones with way larger batteries for the same price as the iPhone SE. Batteries this small might’ve turned out to be good for Apple a few generations back, even though I’m sure that some people still would’ve believed them to be too small, but things were a little different back then. The competition wasn’t so aggressive and iPhones didn’t come with a chip as powerful as the A13 Bionic chip, no matter how much you believe in Apple’s optimization of its operating system, any heavy task, like gaming, is going to kill the battery in no time. I think battery backup is going to be a major issue for the people who get the new iPhone SE.

3. Number Of Cameras: It’s right that a lot of people might hate their phones having multiple cameras because of the way they look, but we’ve moved so far in the trend that phones with a single camera at the back look strange these days. Having multiple camera perspectives might not be a big deal for some people, I too am one of those people, but for most people it’s a must have feature and I think that it’s just good to have the option. Unfortunately, the iPhone SE doesn’t provide you with that option.

4. Form Factor: The iPhone SE does make us feel a little nostalgic about the old times when the iPhone 6 came, it was very comfortable to hold and use, and who wasn’t in love with it? The new iPhone SE carries with it, that legacy, but, the bezels, they just don’t fit 2020 standards for a phone. My only complaint from Apple about the iPhone SE is that they could’ve given us a bigger screen. Now, this is more of a preferential thing, therefore, it might or might not be such a big problem for you, but the screen on the iPhone SE is small nonetheless, and bezels are the biggest reason for it. The Touch ID is a big reason for it too, but I have a point to make here, Apple could’ve just turned the Apple logo at the back of the phone, into a fingerprint sensor. It would’ve not only solved the screen problem but would’ve also looked so cool!


The new iPhone SE is a pretty confusing phone to be honest, it has some really good benefits, but then there are some fatal flaws to counter those benefits. With this phone, it’s really difficult to decide whether to get it or not. Here’s an attempt to help you decide just that, now you just have to decide what among these reasons are the most important ones for you. 

Let us know your reasons to get or to not get the new iPhone SE, in the comments below!

Guest article written by: Tech enthusiast and blogger. Owner of D Tech, at D Tech I work hard to try to simplify tech for people and present tech opinions that stand out. Visit D Tech.

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