Warning Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Mac Right Now

The average lifespan of a Mac is relatively longer as compared to other OS, though how long it lasts for you would depend on individual factors. If you use it mostly for web browsing, you will probably be able to stretch it for longer. On the other hand, extensive usage of apps and performing high-intensity tasks such as video editing may cut down its lifespan. Apart from these factors, there are some warning signs indicating your Mac needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. In any case, you need to be vigilant about these signs if you plan a replacement in the near future. Let us list them for you.

Sign #1: You cannot run the newest version of the OS

Every year, Apple releases the new version of macOS in around September or October and even the older models can run it after an upgrade. In fact, you must upgrade to the latest version to keep your system from becoming obsolete. On the other hand, if the release update does not support your model, it is likely to have entered Obsolete status. You will not get the latest features and security patches, so it would be best to replace it right now.

Sign #2: The components are no longer strong enough

If the components of your Mac seem to be giving up one after the other and repair do not seem to help, you should get ready to bid adieu to it. If the laptop is old and has been used for countless hours, there are chances your battery wouldn’t hold its charge as it should. Similarly, your startup disk may decline with age. You may go through this post to understand how it can be fixed, if it’s just an error and not related to aging. But if you eventually notice that your Mac’s performance is suffering, it is time to buy a new one. 

Sign #3: You can see hardware damages

Working on a forlorn-looking machine never makes you happy and it wouldn’t make a great impression on your clients if you use it for work. Serious physical damage is another obvious reason for getting a new Mac. If the machine is already obsolete, it does not make sense to spend hundreds of dollars to get it repaired. You can still live with a few small issues as long as they do not affect your ability to use the system properly. But hardware damage is a good reason to replace it quickly.

Sign #3: There are frequent software issues

You may also come across frequent software issues with an outdated Mac and they can interfere with work. For example, you wouldn’t want to experience frequent OS freezes with everything becomes unresponsive. Visual glitches and random shutdowns are some other problems you may encounter time and again. Although you can try fixing the problems or avail professional troubleshooting to resolve them, a replacement is warranted if they happen more often than not.

Being aware of these warning signs surely gives you a better insight to decide about timely replacement. Be sure to take timely action as you wouldn’t want to get into a fix if your system dies suddenly and you have urgent work to handle. 

Guest article written by: Team lead and data analytics expert at Outreach Monks, Timothy Clark’s work includes ensuring content that inspires and educates his readers for better technology. Apart from this, he likes to take rides alone in the countryside.

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  1. You got me when you said that you can still use your mac if it has few small issues that don’t affect your ability to use the system. This is a nice tip for me because my mac laptop would not power on no matter what I do. Since my budget is limited, I wanted to make sure that it could still be repaired. I will be sure to bring it to a repair specialist. Thanks!


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