How to improve image resolution using AI Image Enlarger?

Are you a website builder or a website owner? If yes, then it’s highly recommended to use high-quality images on your website always. This will ensure a better viewing experience for your visitors. Whenever a visitor navigates to your website, he/she needs to have an intriguing viewing experience. So, if you use low-quality or poor-quality images, then the overall user experience will be hampered. That’s why you’re requested to use great-quality images which you can enlarge without losing quality.

Are you now searching for the right tool that can help you enlarge image without losing quality? If yes, then your search now ends here. In the below sections, you will reveal all the info of an AI Image Enlarger, how to use it, price, benefits, and more.

What is AI Image Enlarger?

AI Image Enlarger is an advanced online tool that is designed to help you enhance and enlarge any image without any hassles. It’s based on powerful machine learning algorithms and it ensures wonderful enlarged pictures. It can effortlessly transform any low-resolution image to high-resolution without impacting the quality. Since the tool uses its own AI-based machine-learning scripts to carry out the task, the result is excellent, fast, and speedy.

How to use it?

You can easily use the tool without any hassle. Please follow the below three steps to increase photo resolution and enhance an image.

i) Please visit the website of AI Image Enlarger ( 

ii) On the website, you will find an option to upload your desired image. Please note that the following image types are allowed to be uploaded — .jpg, .jpeg, and .png.

iii) Once you have uploaded the original image, the tool will now analyze the image and show the process enlargement factors. These process enlargement factors are displayed based on the machine learning algorithm that AI Image Enlarger uses. 

iv) Please select the right enlargement factors as per your requirements. Next, the tool will process your image and you will get a Download button to download the upscaled and enhanced photo.


AI Image Enlarger comes as the free online tool which you can use simply by visiting its official website. There are no charges and registration required for basic usage. Of course, the free version has some limitations like the file upload size should be within 5MB, limited access, no batch processing, and involves ads.

To overcome this and to use the premier features, you will need to upgrade to either the Premium version or Pro version. For the Premium version, the max file size is 10 MB, supports unlimited access, no ads, batch processing of ten images, and a maximum resolution of 2000*2000. The fee of the Premium version is $14.99/month.

For the Pro version, the max file size is 10 MB, supports unlimited access, no ads, batch processing of twenty images, and a maximum resolution of 2000*2000. The fee of the Pro version is $39.99/month.

The pricing scheme is also applicable to its mobile apps. The basic version is available for free. Nevertheless, a Pro version is available for mobile apps as well.


  • Ensures high-quality and flawless image transformation.
  • It’s one of the best image upscaler tools that allows you to upscale image online without any software downloads and installation.
  • Fast processing, supports batch processing, and many premium and advanced features.
  • It’s free to use (for basic version).
  • It’s totally safe and tested.
  • It guarantees the best results, thanks to its core machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Increase image resolution with Photoshop

Are you wondering if you can increase image resolution with Photoshop? Well, it’s possible! But, it has some basic problems that you can’t ignore.

Photoshop is extremely difficult to use (especially for the beginners and mid-level users). It’s mostly suitable for professionals who want to explore complex photo editing options. Thus, if you are looking an image upscaler feature, then Photoshop may not be suitable for you.

It will require loads of time and effort to understand the steps of using Photoshop for enlarging images. On the contrary, AI Image Enlarger is absolutely easy to use and the result is displayed within a few flip of seconds.

Plus, Photoshop can’t be used for free (license price is high). And, it also requires the tool to be downloaded and installed in your system first before you use Photoshop.


With this, you have revealed the advantages of AI Image Enlarger. It’s indeed the best tool when it comes to upscaling an image online. AI Image Enlarger is easier and more convenient to use as compared to Photoshop. It can definitely improve the website builders to increase the quality of the image and provide a better image viewing experience.

Simply visit the website of and please feel free to use AI Image Enlarger today.

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