7 Nvidia GeForce Experience Tips For PC Gaming Excellence

GeForce is a brand of Nvidia-designed graphics processing units (GPUs). There have been seventeen variations of the concept since the GeForce 30 series. The first GeForce products were standalone GPUs designed for add-on graphics boards for the high-margin PC gaming industry, and subsequent product line diversification reached all stages of the PC graphics industry, from cost-sensitive motherboard-integrated GPUs to standard add-in retail boards. 

GeForce technology, developed for electronic handhelds and smartphone handsets, was recently integrated into Nvidia’s line of embedded application processors. Nvidia’s GeForce and AMD’s Radeon GPUs are the only remaining rivals in the high-end market concerning standalone GPUs used in add-in graphics boards. 

The GeForce architecture progresses towards the general-purpose graphics processing unit (GPGPU) along with its nearest rival, the AMD Radeon. GPGPU is supposed to extend GPU capabilities beyond standard 3D graphics rasterization, to transform it into a high-performance computing platform capable of performing arbitrary programming code in the same way a CPU does, but with distinct CPU programming technology.

Suppose that you have at least one of Nvidia’s gamer-centric GeForce GTX graphics card installed, then firstly download the Nvidia GeForce Experience desktop software. This app can enhance your PC gaming experience by using its tools. If you are a pro gamer and want everything perfect to set your mood right, then pick out some best gaming goodies.

To help you understand and experience the best of it, here are some tips and tricks of Nvidia GeForce Experience:

1. ‘Game-Ready’ Drivers

It ensures that a specific game gives its best performance and reduces its bugs. We get these “game ready” drivers from GeForce Experience. It also features downloading and installing the latest “game ready” driver automatically so that the users can always get the most up to date features.      

2. Optimize The Game

Since the computers used by gamers are different, the resources will also be different from each other. Due to this, GeForce Experience automatically optimizes the game settings to give the best performance for specific hardware configurations. It also lets us manually change the settings if we wish to.

GeForce Experience finds the prime device settings of our rig for the game you want to play using Nvidia’s cloud data center. In doing so, GeForce Experience checks thousands of configurations of PC hardware to find the perfect graphical eye candy and system performance balance.

3. Check The Specifications

We will see the specifications of our rig if we visit the “General” segment inside the Nvidia GeForce Experience app. That does not score high on the enthusiasm meter, but what’s awesome is that if those parameters meet the minimum criteria for Game Optimization, GameStream, Augmented Reality, and retaining the In-Game Overlay, the Nvidia GeForce Experience reveals.       

4. Capture High Quality 360° Picture Using Ansel

While playing a game, if you feel like capturing the moment, Ansel plays its role and lets you capture traditional screenshots in super high resolution. It also lets you change the camera angle and position it anywhere in the “game world” to capture a picture from a different perspective. It also allows us to take 360° pictures, which can be viewed in any popular VR headsets like Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard.

5. Use Shadowplay To Record And Share Gameplay 

Shadowplay helps us record during the game to use it afterward to fulfill our needs. It also automatically records the highlights of our game.        

6. Apply Custom Filters To Real-Time Gameplay Using Freestyle 

Freestyle is a beta tool that allows Instagram-like filters to be added to our games while we play. We can adjust the color or saturation of the frame or even add an HDR filter to it. Freestyle is implemented for profound compatibility into supported games at the driver level. It also helps to adjust the colors of the game such that even color-blind people can use it.      

7. Joining GeForce Experience Beta

It gives early access to new functionality and gives the ability to form their growth by having comments. We can sign up for the beta by opening settings and selecting enable experimental features.


Gaming has become really popular among people in this day and age. If your PC has good specs and graphics card, you can match a console-level gaming experience using just your PC. This removes the need to get a console separately. PC gaming has become really popular in recent times and many brands have come up with custom CPU’s to fulfill your needs. 


People usually consider a mid-spec variant of graphics card for their PC depending on their needs. Check how to deal with the Nvidia capture server proxy process by this helpful read by TechWhoop. But one essential thing to consider is if you like to play for a considerably more time than average and if you like to try out new graphically intense games then you might wanna wait and get a graphics card with good specifications. 

After you’re done doing that, there are still a few more things which you can do to further optimize your gaming experience. We hope that you find these settings useful and have a great gaming experience. 

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