Backup And Restore office 365 to Outlook PST :

Office 365 is a widely used business productivity suite. Office 365 is being used by even more than 23 million active users. This enables users to work online and to share files and documents like spreadsheets, etc. This is one of the most preferred business clouds. But what about its backup and restore rules. Office 365 users don’t give importance to backup office 365 mailbox. They are assured, that data is stored on the safest platform. But it is suggested to backup the office 365 on regular intervals. So here in this article, we will cover up the methods to backup and why it is important to have office 365 backup and restore to PST. 

Why do users need to backup/export Office365?

There are several reasons for the Microsoft office 365 backup, Some of the most common reasons are discussed below:

  • Office 365 provides a cloud for data storage for its users. And we must be aware of the fact that data stored on the cloud can be accessed universally and so these data are more vulnerable to hackers.
  • Sometimes the accounts are not closed properly and the data get deleted unintentionally. In such a case, the user has to face data loss and want to restore the data anyhow. But unfortunately, without backup, it is not possible to restore the deleted or lost data.
  • So, it is suggested to have office 365 backup and recovery to face data loss and account loss issues. 

Methods to backup/export office 365 Mailbox:

Generally, there are two methods used to backup office 365 that are discussed below:

  1. Manual Method 
  2. Automated Method

Method 1: Manual Method

Several manual methods are used to backup office 365 mailboxes, Here the most efficient and easy manual approach is discussed here :

Content Search eDiscovery method to backup/export Office 365 Mailboxes:

  • The content search eDiscovery tool is an inbuilt feature of office 365 with which you can search the data to be exported or backed up. 
  • And then you have to export that data to PST format. 
  • To export mailbox data to PST first of all sign in to the office 365 account. And view the Exchange Admin center.
  • You must confirm whether you are a member of the eDiscovery Manager role group. If you are not the member then get added as a member to the group.
  • Now, Generate the new content search. With the content search, you have to find the mailbox required to be exported. Before you export the data first you filter the results. After filtration, you can export the data. 
  • After the mailbox gets exported to PST completely, you can launch the search results to your computer.
  • Now you can save the mailbox data to PST, you will need to enter the export key received while downloading the search results on your system.
  •  Finally the office 365 backup and restore to the PST. Users can access their mailbox data in PST whenever their data is lost.

Consequences of the manual approach :

  • Users can use the eDiscovery method only if they are technical expertise about office 365 and exchange admin center.
  • Time-consuming and lengthy process.
  • Data-loss is at higher risk.
  • Novice users can not use this properly and effectively.

Method 2: Automated Method

The automated method involves the use of already existing professional utilities or software. Several professional tools are available to help you out. One such tool is the office365 backup and restore tool. This tool effectively and promptly operates the Microsoft office365 backup to the PST formats. The office 365 backup and recovery tool by Data Recovery Solutions is a highly compatible and supported by any MS Outlook edition like Outlook 2019,2016,2013 and 2010, etc.

Final Verdicts

Here in this article methods of 0ffice 365 backup and recovery are discussed. Both the eDiscovery method and an automated solution is described. Ediscovery i.e, the manual method has a lot of limitations as it is not suitable for a novice user. I think that the Automated method is a smart solution to backup office 365 to PST as this method saves users from the consequences of the manual method. The automated solution provides a hassle-free solution. But this is completely my point of view you can opt for any of the methods according to your requirements.

Guest article written by: Mixlysis Zuna

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