A connected watch: an essential tool for athletes

In recent decades, connected watches or smartwaches have become integral accessories of everyday life for those who own a smartphone. They are of great use, in particular for sports enthusiasts, thanks to their revolutionary features including tailor-made coaching. 

The creation of the smart watch

To shed light on the emergence of this gadget, we must take a step back, 50 years earlier. 

The first digital watch was created around the 1970s. It was the Hamilton Watch Company that brought it to market with basic features like date display. Made of gold, the accessory was expensive, but the launch was a huge success. In addition, the actors of the time wore it with great pride. It has been called “the little wrist computer”. 

Then, gradually, the creators developed the options of the watch including the reception of messages, the integration of voice control as well as the calculator. 

Around the turn of the 21st century, Samsung released the very first montre connectee sport to a cell phone, which allowed users to make calls.

Twenty years later, the connected watch, also known as a smartwatch, has experienced a great boom, with lighter and more elegant models, which offers the possibility of managing calls and notifications on social networks, but also of closely monitoring its health. 

How is the connected watch useful for athletes? 

If at the very beginning, the smartwach was only used to count steps, currently, it takes on the role of a real sports coach. Whatever physical activity is practiced, it allows to situate oneself in relation to the evolution and the results of the efforts provided. 

For those who jog for example or those who go to a specific gym to train, the connected watch gives precise statistics concerning the calories lost, but also the heart rate. As for fitness enthusiasts, the watch provides alerts for weight loss. Moreover, it is possible to configure it to have reminders of the exercises to be done.

Among other things, the connected watch also makes it possible to analyze the quality of sleep, an important element in maintaining good health. Most of them provide information 24 hours a day.

How to choose your connected watch? 

According to studies carried out by a firm specializing in high-tech, more than 40 million “ smartwaches ” were sold in 2017 around the world. Each year, several models land on the market. Thus, it is difficult to make the choice, which is why some consumers decide to use the supplier’s customer service before purchasing. Thanks to the evolution of e-commerce, it is no longer necessary to travel to get a connected watch . Most of the users said they ordered this digital accessory on the internet after a few comparisons. 

In general, four criteria are to be taken into account including the model according to the personality and style of the buyer, the functionalities which correspond to the needs, the price according to the purchasing power as well as the possibility and the delivery time according to the localisation. Thus, it is therefore recommended to make the purchase on a specialized site for connected watches . 

With all of these advantages, smartwaches are truly accessories that combine utility with style. With technology running wild, the computer would be more (+) within reach or more precisely on the wrist. 

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