Digital Signage Provides Calming Presence during Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus outbreak is getting out of hand day by day. Not only has this pandemic affected our daily lifestyle, but it has also shaken every business industry. Investors and consumers alike are in a state of shock after the impact of the Wuhan virus. And while we are all staying at home this week and hoping the situation gets cleared as soon as possible, the reality is that the economy is dying. Without proper measures, the stock market and businesses are losing their customers. And without anyone to buy or promote their products, they are going under huge loss.

According to the news, many companies are still covering losses by offering alternate opportunities, mainly through online or contact-less channels. However, other businesses such as airline companies have yet to find proper footing in the market. Due to the movement control order (MOV), people are becoming more isolated and this is leaving a huge impact on the market.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently expressing how hard medical professionals from around the world are working to fight the disease. While many are working to treat patients, others are trying to create a fool-proof vaccine. However, all this wait and restrictions are only bringing the worst for everyone. The effects of coronavirus are slowly bringing the modern world to a halt.

To battle this, digital signage companies in Dubai and those around the world are bringing multiple calming factors to both consumers and businesses. These tactics could help decrease the distance for businesses, while also helping individuals stay connected and informed worldwide. But before we get to know these techniques, let us first read up on what the virus is:

What is Coronavirus?

Based on the definition provided by WHO, Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a respiratory infection that can be transferred from one person to another through the air. This can happen when a person sneezes or coughs. The virus particles released from these actions can travel through the air and into the lungs of multiple people. According to experts, one person can infect around 406 people. A person can be infected just by breathing in the same space as someone who has the virus. Or by touching an object that has been contaminated.

Most people who are COVID-19 positive can experience symptoms that range from a mild cold to severe conditions that require intensive forms of treatment. 

How Can Digital Signage Help in the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Many schools, businesses, and organisations are looking up ways to reach their audience even during the lockdown. Currently, multiple countries are practicing the movement control order. Due to this, individuals are unable to purchase products or even go out for proper education. Outdoor LED signs along with interior displays can become a game-changer for multiple institutes and companies to reach their audience, almost effortlessly.

Through this, the basic quota of businesses can be met. All while reducing risks of spreading the coronavirus pandemic. For instance, companies can program LED signs to advertise their products, online services, or even instructions on how to fight the pandemic. Messages such as, “We offer contactless services and disinfect every hour,” to assure the customers during these worrisome times. Similarly, other ways are described below:

1. Awareness and Methods to Fight against COVID-19

Those in the digital signage industry have unique opportunities to spread awareness against the virus, all while keeping social distance. This can be a unique opportunity for businesses to keep in touch with their consumers and help to make a difference. Especially these days, when millions of LED screens are available in lobbies, malls, stations, and all other public spaces. Many are these screens that are wirelessly powered by cloud-based systems that let publishers and advertisement companies show content to viewers. Through this, many businesses can advertise their products while ensuring complete safety of the virus.

In addition, companies can also show a handful of free COVID-19 signage templates in HD to viewers inside malls, stations, public places, or even residential buildings. This can help to spread all the latest news and updates about the coronavirus pandemic. Individuals can know about how to fight against the virus by viewing these ads in real-time. This can allow publishers to target an audience from any geographical location or region.

From the correct way of handwashing to protection instructions, individuals can get the latest messages and updates from digital signage in real-time.

Businesses and publishing houses should remember that repetition is the key when trying to win back an audience. Although it may seem like common sense to some, a consistent reminder will help individuals to stay on the right path to maintaining a coronavirus-free environment. Many cities and federal government bodies have already started using these contact-less approaches to replace flyers or any form of contact advertisements for spreading updates and important messages.

2. Maintaining a Contactless Purchasing Experience:

While the technology is not so far spread yet, many companies are now using digital signage to offer customers a contactless way of ordering or purchasing items. These LED machines can be accessed with a finger touch. Consumers can buy products or transportation tickets with the press of a few buttons and payment can be done online. This approach can maintain contact-less shopping and reduce the chance of spreading the coronavirus. Moreover, each of these is coming with hand-sanitizers so that each touch is free from contamination.

Whether you are purchasing meals from a restaurant or buying groceries, these LED screens can be a good way to stay safe.

3. Staying Connected to People

Many schools, churches, and other organisations have had to be shut down due to the pandemic. However, it doesn’t mean that people cannot stay connected to their religious practices or educational studies. With digital signage applications, schools and religious buildings are getting collaborations with video conference individuals. This is enabling teachers, students and other individuals to stay connected with each other, even during an outbreak.

Digital signage can become the new stakeholder in the education industry by making sure that students, parents, and educators are well connected. This helps especially those that do not have any means of getting digital learning. This is helping to maintain the educational structure of many schools and educational institutes by proposing online in-person classes.

Individuals can use many tools to stay connected. Businesses are especially using applications such as Zoom or Skype to stay connected to their employees by conducting video conferences.

4. Helping Individuals to Stay Safe

Another key feature of digital signage is that it is providing the public with safety information against the virus. These updates are turned on regularly to help individuals protect themselves against infections. News regarding the number of cases and recoveries are showing to help people stay informed at all times. Digital signage takes an important role in these dire times. And it is popular because people are consistently looking for the latest happenings and news regarding possible cures. That said, it is also helping people to remember important safety steps.

For instance, many workplaces are placing reminder LED screens to help workers remember important safety steps. Such as to sanitize or wash their hands throughout the building, whenever they touch a door or elevator button. This can help prevent mishaps and increase employee safety.

This can also help to display important rules, regulations, and information regarding the business to employees. For example, regarding the business closing timings.


While many would admit or not, digital signage can be the best way for businesses to keep consumers updated with their products and services. They can also keep their sales and operations going in a safe and contactless manner. For individuals, it can help to provide the latest information, connection, and reminders. In these dire times, it can become a game-changer.

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