Easiest Ways To Delete Duplicate Emails In Outlook 2016

The outlook is an Email client by Microsoft. In the Outlook, it is used by an individual or company for an email client. But sometimes the user receives duplicate emails in outlook or repeated messages again and again. This results in many problems to the Outlook or computer.


We have found some leading reasons which are discussed in below-highlighted bullets.

  • Sometimes due to synchronization in multiple devices of outlook application results to duplicate emails like when a user use outlook account in one or more device like in mobile, tablet then the wrong synchronization takes place and leads to duplicate emails.
  • In Outlook account setup we set up an account multiple time then it also leads to multiple synchronizations which makes duplicate emails messages.
  • Outlook duplicate messages can be occurred due to Antivirus software installed in your devices because due to the third-party software it obstructs the outlook messages while sending or receiving.

There are many other reasons which result in duplicate messages in outlook. But now I will give some methods for outlook remove duplicate emails and a tool which automatically remove duplicate emails in outlook 2016 free.


After the reasons, you must be curious to know the techniques to delete duplicate emails in outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 etc in all versions of Outlook. 


The third-party Antivirus is installed of your computer there is a setting in antivirus which may make duplicate messages in outlook to disable the option follow the below steps

  • Open the Anti-Virus application on the computer
  • Then open the setting 
  • And disable the Email protection setting

By these steps, you can stop the duplicate items in Outlook.


The best way to delete duplicate email messages in Outlook by manual settings is Clean-up in settings. To clean up you have to follow below steps carefully:

  • Open any version of Outlook in your computer
  • Then open the mailbox folder which has duplicate emails.
  • Then in the upper bar click on the HOME option and then click on the Clean-up option.
  • After there are three options in front of you and select the cleanup conversation from the list.
  • By this, you can delete all the duplicate emails from all folders.

If you found any difficulty to do these upper two techniques then in the next technique I will give an outlook duplicate mail remover tool which can automatically remove all the duplicate emails from the Outlook.


This is a PST duplicate remover tool by MailConverterTools which knows very well how to find duplicate mails in outlook and how to remove it effortlessly. It works on all version of Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007.

Some major highlight of the tool is

  • It can remove a batch or a single duplicate email.
  • This tool is extremely safe and fast as compared to other same in the segment.
  • In this tool, there is an option filter of date which allows user to find the duplicate emails at a specific range of dates.
  • It will remove all the duplicate items as all the remaining emails are safe during the process.
  • By this tool, you can compare with all single items in duplication like text, subject, cc, sender etc which makes easy to find the duplicate items.

So this tool is highly essential for the deletion of duplicate emails. It is available in both 32 bit and 64-bit version. So if you are unable to remove duplicate emails in outlook 2013, 2016, 2010 etc by manual techniques then you have to go with the MailConverterTools.


In this post, I tried to solve the issue of delete duplicate emails in outlook 2016, 2010, 2012 etc. I have given the basic reason and some manual method to remove duplicate email messages and a third party tool to remove duplicate emails in outlook 2016 free. Which is available at MailConverterTools site at free of cost.

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