Full Guide to Fix HP Laptop Black Screen Error

This is an annoying issue – when you are working with HP laptop, the screen becomes black all of a sudden without any message to guide you to solve it. Why does this happen?

Various reasons may lead to HP laptop black screen, like virus invasion, hardware failure. You may meet this problem in different situations, black screen occurs when starting or running, or after login or update.

You may wonder how to fix HP laptop black screen issue. Don’t worry. You can find practical solutions in the rest part of this post.

How to Fix HP Laptop Black Screen Effectively

If you are suffering this problem, just keep reading the following part to find methods to deal with it.

Method 1: Hard Reset HP Laptop

In many cases, HP laptop black screen error takes place due to hardware problem. So, you can try hard resetting the laptop to repair this error.

Step 1: Shut down the laptop. Remove the battery, hard drives and other hardware components.

Step 2: Press power button for 60 seconds and release.

Step 3: Put the battery back to laptop and plug the charger.

Step 4: Start your laptop to see whether the error is fixed.

If the error is fixed, you need to turn off the laptop and then connect one hardware component at a time to check whether the error will occur again. In this way, you can find out which device causes the error.

If black screen error still happens, please move on to the next solutions.

Method 2: Restart the Explorer.exe Process

You may try booting your laptop into Safe Mode and then restart the explorer.exe process in order to fix the HP laptop screen black error.

Step 1: Boot your HP laptop with Windows installation disc or recovery drive. Then click Repair your computer > Troubleshoot. Under Advanced options, click Startup Settings and then Restart. Press F4/F5 to access to Safe Mode.

Step 2: Restart Explorer.exe Process in these steps:

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.

Go to the Details tab and find Explorer.exe. Click End Task.

Reboot your laptop to see whether the error has been fixed.

Method 3: Disable App Readiness

Trying to disable App Readiness is another way to solve HP laptop black screen issue.

Step 1: Type services in the search function. Click the first solution that appears.

Step 2: Locate and double click App Readiness.

Step 3: Click the drop down menu and choose Disable. Click Apply and OK.

Method 4: Perform System Restore

You can perform System Restore if you created a system restore in advance to fix HP laptop black screen error.

Step 1: Press Win + R buttons to launch Run box. Type rstrui and press Enter to access to System Restore.

Step 2: Choose a restore point and click Next.

Step 3: Check and confirm the restore point. Click Finish and then Yes.

Step 4: After the process ends, reboot you laptop to see whether the error is gone.

Method 5: Use HP Emergency BIOS Recovery Feature

If you find your HP laptop black screen is caused by latest version of BIOS update, you can use HP Emergency BIOS Recovery feature to roll back to working BIOS. Just try it.

Step 1: Turn off the laptop. Change the power connection to wall socket.

Step 2: Press the Widows Key + B simultaneously and release. Press and hold these keys again.

Step 3: The HP BIOS update window will come into sight and start the recovery process automatically.

Method 6: Disable Fast Startup

Try to disable fast startup. It’s also a method to solve black screen on HP laptop. Here is a guide.

Step 1: Go to Control Panel and choose Power Options.

Step 2: Click option Choose what the power button does and then Change settings that are currently unavailable.

Step 3: Uncheck Turn on fast startup. Then, click Save changes.

Step 4: Restart your laptop to see if the error takes place.

Tip: Back up Your System

Hope the solutions displayed above can help you get rid of HP laptop screen black error. Then, we have a suggestion – making a system backup to complete recovery solutions soon in case of a system crash or other unexpected cases leading to HP laptop failure.

Which tool should be chosen to perform the system backup? MiniTool ShadowMaker may be a wonderful choice. Addition to system, it also supports partitions, files and folders backup or sync.

Here is a brief introduction to Windows system backup with this program.

Launch MiniTool ShadowMaker and click Keep Trial.

Click Connect (the first one) to enter the main interface.

The backup software will back up operating system and specify the destination by default. Click Back up Now if you don’t need to change the storage destination.

Just wait patiently until the process finishes.

Final Words

Don’t worry even if HP laptop black screen happens frequently. In this post, there are 6 solutions summarized for. You can choose one or a combination of them to get rid of this error easily to make your laptop work normally again.

Also, it is necessary to back up the system or important files to avoid data loss when something wrong with your laptop. Please share your thoughts and ideas with us by leaving a comment. We’ll keep doing our best to help you solve the problems about computer.

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