GoPro video not working? Here is what you can do about it

The GoPro camera is the first choice of all video enthusiasts. Be it paragliding, skiing or surfing, GoPro is the best companion you can have. This is why it is really painful when these high-quality videos get corrupt.

Now that your favorite GoPro MP4 has gone corrupt, don’t immediately delete it. Here are some super easy ways by which you can easily repair MP4 video files freeware or fix MP4 files or a GoPro corrupt file within minutes.

How to uncorrupt a video file

Repair GoPro video using System SOS

If the GoPro videos present in your memory card are not playing in your computer, insert the memory card back in GoPro. GoPro will display a warning message. When you press any button, it will automatically start the repairing process.

The built-in safety mechanism of the GoPro camera comes in very handy in GoPro corrupt file fix. The GoPro system SOS method is an effortless method of repairing videos.

We must not forget that repairing via GoPro SOS has certain limitations as well. It isn’t capable of rectifying all kinds of errors. For instance, GoPro SOS fails when the issue is of a missing index.

GoPro MP4 Repair using VLC

How many times have you used the VLC media player before? Did you know that VLC can be the answer to all your corruption issues? Yes, it can help you with repairing MP4 files. VLC media player is capable of repairing any corrupt file which has a .AVI extension. 

If you are also wondering how to fix corrupted video files mp4 or wondering how to repair corrupted mp4 using VLC, read on. The good thing is that it also acts as a file converter and converts your MP4s to AVIs. You just need to add your corrupt file and set the preferences as ‘always fix’. This done, you may sit back and let VLC do its magic repair.

Repair GoPro corrupt files using a Repairing Software

Wondershare digital Video Repair Mac tool by Recoverit is the ultimate solution to all your video and playback problems. This Kernel video repair tool is extremely simple to use and is well known for producing excellent results. When you are using Wondershare you don’t even have to worry about your video’s quality. This software takes care of even the smallest video aspects and produces you your video fully repaired.

It even has an advanced repair mode for highly broken files. You can run Wondershare both on Windows and macOS. What’s more, it supports a whole lot of file formats such as MP4, MKV, MOV, WMV, and M4A.

If your GoPro videos are still troubling you, you may refer to GoPro corrupt file fix.

Some prevention tips to avoid video corruption

By now you must agree that repairing corrupted GoPro files is not a nightmarishly difficult task. However, if the footage is important, you may get a bit panicky. To avoid stress and tension, it is best that you exercise a few precautions and keep file corruption at bay.

  1.   Use a GoPro approved memory card

It is important to note that a GoPro camera works best with a GoPro approved video memory card. If you use the substandard ones, you may end up recording videos that won’t play. The memory card should be compatible with the read and write speeds of GoPro.

  1.   Avoid recording videos when GoPro is blinking red

If you have the habit of using GoPro until the battery dies, then you run a high risk of landing with GoPro files corrupted. You must stop when the battery gets red. A battery backup may come in handy during long shoot hours.

  1.   Video memory cards must be properly ejected

This is another common cause behind GoPro video corruption. When you remove the card when GoPro is still on, you may corrupt your recordings. Similarly, forcibly ejecting the card from your computer when the files are being played or transferred may leave them broken.

Such mishandlings give rise to error messages such as ‘card cannot be used’. Hence, you must always safely remove your memory cards.

  1.   Format the SD card regularly

How to uncorrupt an SD card once it gets corrupt due to improper removal habits? There is only one direct answer- format it.

To tell you the truth, SD card formatting must be done frequently. Start maintaining a backup of your data and every once in while formatting it. This will help you avoid ‘card isn’t formatted’ errors as well.

To know more about SD card corruption, you can visit this guide: SD card corrupting files.

  1.   Use an authorized GoPro case

A proper GoPro case is a must-have for your camera. Use an authorized one to protect your GoPro from unnecessary damage. For instance, GoPro suggests using the I/O door which acts as a complete cover for the SD card slot.

The cover significantly helps to reduce vibrations during shooting.

  1.   Clean your equipment

Make some time for cleaning your GoPro and all associated equipment at least once in a year. Use a cotton swab with some rubbing alcohol to clean the metal contacts on your SD card.

While you are at it, don’t forget to dust out the inside of the memory card slot using a can of compressed gas.


Due to the rough and tough use of GoPro cameras, video corruption is a common issue. Still, you must take some extra care while handling all your digital devices to avoid the damage as much as possible.

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