How technology is changing marketing at the start of a new decade

One of the most important things to know about the world of marketing is that it is constantly changing. Marketers always need to stay one step ahead of their competition to make sure that their products stand out. With the start of the new decade, it’s no surprise that technology is the perfect tool for putting a unique and fresh spin on your latest campaign. Here are the top ways that technology is changing the face of marketing as we know it. 

Mobile Marketing Ads

Usually, when you think about marketing, you think about advertisements, like those that pop up on your internet browser. Well, nowadays, you may actually see more ads on games and social media. Take a look at the “Harry Potter: Mystery at Hogwarts” Game where energy can be gained by watching an advert. Some advertisers create interactive adverts where the player can test out the adverts’ product, or learn more about it by playing a game. By marketing on games, this can expand your campaign to a wider audience, especially during 2020. Try taking a look at some of the latest game developers and to see if you can sponsor their content. They may be willing to advertise your product in return.

Digital Newsletters

Email marketing isn’t just normal advertising anymore. Nowadays, marketing is all about the content. That’s why it’s up to you to use technology to make your content look as good as possible. The same way that the most professional print specialists, like Duplo International, help you to make each printed booklet perfect, technology can make newsletters really come to life due to video, audio attachments, gifs and links to different products and potential blogs. You can even send more specific email campaigns that can go out to multiple recipients through platforms like MailChimp.

Customer Experiences

Now, most people in business know that the most important thing that you can do is provide your clients with a good customer service experience. Luckily, technology is changing enough to put your employees in contact with your clients 24/7. Whilst phone calls are still the number 1 method of communication, a great way of marketing your business to customers is actually online. This can be through a 24-hour chat system, where you can either install a chat bot to speak about generic information and facts about your brand, or you can hire global customer service representatives to make sure your customers are fully informed about your products. This is a great way to spread loyalty and keep your clients happy.

Web Design

Your website is the face of your brand. That’s why it’s important to make sure that it has been updated with the latest technology and SEO techniques. That way you can make sure that your website ranks high enough on Google for people to find it, as well as make sure that they have an extremely enjoyable experience searching your website. Having a memorable landing page will make your website stick in your client’s head, such as combining a game and a homepage together. Try and be original and unique with your brand’s overall design – that way you can build trust and encourage customers to come back.

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  1. Technology has made many changes in this decade, now you can manage your accounts easily by using accounting software

  2. It truly is fascinating to see the different ways tech is changing our world around us. Do you think there will ever be a day where AI is the standard for everything ?

  3. Thank sharing great content on changing marketing by using technology. I think content marketing is another important factor that effects online marketing.

  4. technology is one of the most important factor for changing the marketing platform . before days physical marketing is used which is very difficult and costly by the use of technology nowadays marketing is being digitalized which is one of the easy and effective way of marketing. your content help me to get more knowledge about marketing so keep posting such kind of article


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