Romancing Roblox: How to be a Safer Lover of Games in this Online Gaming Forum

by Klaus on September 21, 2020

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Daily Mail Online published an article in which two mothers expressed their concerns over Roblox. On this online gaming platform, one can play games created by other users and may even share their personally developed game. It’s a typical forum; everyone is free to play and interact with other participants. Sharing their experiences, these women talked about the prevalent predatory behavior, with one of their children receiving inappropriate messages while on the gaming site. 

Another parent shared that an 11-year-old was approached by an anonymous person on the discord and propositioned unsuitably and on her refusal, was subsequently thrown on the bed. On a separate occasion, she was in a hotel shower, and some Roblox guy entered her domain. This raised several red flags, with parents condemning this as “online rape.” Moreover, users have complained about the massive number of scams and hacks into their account on the platform, making them question whether Roblox is safe enough to use.

Being an online gaming forum where novice programmers can create and sell their games implies that security is a significant factor that becomes an area of particular concern and attention for big websites. Roblox hasn’t turned blind-eye to user safety, hacks, scams, and other evil schemes and provides several tips to keep in mind to ensure that security isn’t compromised. 

The primary and most fundamental pointers to keep in mind may be listed as follows. If you feel that your account has been compromised under any circumstance, it is advised you visit the Roblox help pages for more information on how to tackle the issue.

1. Kick-in the Two-Step Verification Process

A popular opt-in feature (as emulated by giants like Instagram, various banking websites, Google apps, etc.), the two-step verification adds an extra security sheet. The way it works is simple enough; log in with your password. A unique 6-digit code sent to your email address whenever any attempts to log in are made, irrespective of the medium of sign in or the person signing in, thereby preventing unauthorized sign-ins.

2. Watch out for Phishing Messages and Scamming Websites

A very obvious scenario that comes with any online forum is the sketchy messages or links which claim giving out of free rewards and coins (in this case, free Robux, Builder’s Club Subscription, etc.). These websites appear innocent enough, and may even look legitimate, complete with the logo and “assets.” However, they are utterly violative of federal criminal laws.

Therefore, a good thumb rule is to avoid any websites which appear suspicious and have unique links, especially websites with special symbols and characters in their link descriptions. Further, follow the basics and never login your credentials anywhere other than the two listed links (or the mobile app).

Anyone claiming to be the bearer of free rewards and goodies, mostly claiming to give out free Robux, must be promptly ignored and reported to the Roblox moderation team. Reliable sites and games within Roblox need to be trusted to earn free robux easily.

Such sites are designed to hack into computers and siphon off information from a user’s account. In general, it is good to learn how to recognize scamming websites. As someone who wants to stay secure, scan through the sites mentioned in Roblox Rules, which are specified as authentic websites.

3. Make A Password Strong As Steel; Don’t Let Anyone Borrow It Either

Create a password that can’t be easily guessed. A standard set of the guideline may be followed:

  1. Use a unique blend of characters, complete with upper cases, lower cases, numbers, and symbols.
  2. Use unusual words or phrases
  3. Change your password periodically
  4. Use a unique password, reserved just for the Roblox account
  5. Do not share your password with anyone.
  6. In addition to this, make sure your browser cookies aren’t being shared with anyone.

4. Account Information Must Remain A Secret

Let’s face it; no one, not even the Roblox team, requires your login credentials. Therefore, sharing account-related details sent on your email account is not advised since such information is typically limited to personal use only. 

While Roblox promotes mingling with new people and making friends, personal information such as name, place, address, phone number, date of birth, etc. must not be handed out. After all, it’s a stranger who exists on the other side of the screen.

Pro tip: while signing up, make sure you aren’t using someone else’s email id. 

Parents, take note: Roblox has their accounts demarcated by age requirement (13+ and below 13), so make sure your child isn’t creating dummy email ids to access the website. Make use of parental controls and restrict how children interact. Using a parent pin is advised since it ensures that your child stays safe and does not change them. Typically, monitor their time on the forum by being actively involved in their games.

5. Never Stay Logged-in on a Public or Shared Device

In the event of an irresistible urge to access Roblox (perhaps to make that dull lesson pass by quickly), make sure to log out immediately after you’re done playing (or the class ends, whichever) so that others won’t be able to access your account.

The Take-Away

As with all online forums, Roblox, too, is prone to misuse. Maturity lies in the understanding that everyone and every website are exposed to hacks and scams in today’s digital era. The key lies in staying safe and following some basic community guidelines to not only you, but the other users get to enjoy this interactive platform. 

Roblox itself is a spectacular way to interact with like-minded gamers who want to showcase their creations and innovations with someone who understands and appreciate gaming. 

So stay safe, gamers.

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