Top Themes For Your Website For A Lasting Impression

When we enter our favorite shop, we do look at the environment and outlook of the shop. If you enter your favorite shop and you found everything haphazardly placed, will you buy stuff?  Your answer is going to be negative in such a scenario. We all prefer easy ways just to grab and pay for our selected items. The human psyche can play weirs games on you. Unless you are not someone with a depressive mood or fed up with life, you will find yourself wishing for things to be appropriately organized. We don’t even leave our rooms or lounge messy. If we are expecting someone to visit, we put extra effort into improving the outlook of our house for a better first impression. 

Similarly, when we visit a website, we expect it to be easy and user-friendly. Many of us are not tech geeks or tech literates. A complex website outlook is going to make things difficult for a layperson who is not familiar with advanced technology use. A website is like a face value of any blogger or business. People are going to form their impressions about you through your website and their experience. A buyer or consumer will notice the outlook and easy navigation of any website they are going to surf. The reason we are focusing so much on the theme and layout of any site is that it plays a vital role in engaging people. If you are an artist who has to display their portfolio on a website, then all the more reason to be more cautious about the theme and design of the website. If you are struggling with choosing a theme that can make a lasting impression upon every click, you can gather a lot of ideas by searching for the fastest WordPress themes for 2020 to support your website. Surfing for such themes will give you an insight into what sort of themes are trending this year and can read their reviews about it. However, choosing a good theme for once can be a good investment to your canvas and just play around with your content later. 

Besides looking for themes and ideas in your surroundings, here are a few suggestions that can help you build a long-lasting impression for your website. 

1. NanoSpace Theme

It is not the Nanotechnology we are talking about, but we are referring to the fast WordPress theme. If you are working on page builders like beaver theme or Elementor theme builder, Then NanoSpace theme is the best option for use due to its compatibility with such page builders. This theme allows users to enjoy the freedom of building any website according to their imagination in a jiffy. With NanoSpace theme, you can build your custom made page footer, header, and content as it has unique header and footer visual builders. This theme offers you everything you can imagine for your website.

2. Good

A theme tells about the design and style of your website. It entails many features like font size, color choice, and text placement. If you are a blogger and want to have a theme with minimal and clean effects, then you can opt for a good theme with a professional look. This theme is best suited for bloggers, and people to have a magazine site. This theme’s layout ensures a distraction-free user experience, thus allowing users to enjoy its outlook on any device. You can also improvise this theme with real-time experience, without fearing to sway from SEO guidelines.

3. The Optimizer

How will you feel if you can access a website on your laptop but cannot do the same on your mobile or tab?  If we have to look for something, we just pull our phones and click the browsers. If you want to give your users an eye-pleasing and completely responsive experience, you can choose the optimizer. This theme allows you to manage your website details with the powerful theme options panel. This theme is quick and lightweight, with a design that is compatible with search engine optimization for better traffic.

4. Dorsey

This theme is one of the most preferred themes of WordPress. If you are an artist who likes to personalize things with their artistic touch, this is the right option for you. Dorsey gives you the satisfaction of designing your website with your creativity. Its easy navigation also allows users to find things easy to understand.

5. Ember

It is another utterly responsive web design featuring an amazing content slider on the homepage. This content sliding feature helps you to drive traffic to a specific post by promoting your premium content under this slider. From parallax background to typography options, this theme has it all. It also enables you to create a high- quality brand image, making your web outlook stunning to grab enough attention in the digital realm.

6. Hestia

It is one of the modern themes that one can use to create their business site. It offers a premium designing and features option with zero cost. You can easily drag and drop material of your choice to design your website. You can also make changes and customize your design with the real-time preview for better user experience.

7. Vertex

Want to embed your website with a well coded, minimal, and visually appealing theme? Vertex is the best option for such creativity to display on your website. This theme is laced with many modern features that are not only responsive but also have slider options for various outlooks. It is also gadget-friendly, which suggests that your users can access it through any device they want to without facing any navigation and loading lag.

8. Divi

Divi is one of the top themes when it comes to cover the technical aspects of a website. People who are using WordPress might have heard of this theme because of its popularity. This theme allows business owners and artists to develop a design of their choice by following a simple drag and drop option. It has pre-installed templates to give a kick start to your web designing journey. It also enables you to customize your portfolio with aesthetic customization. If you are all set to launch your project but do not have ample time to design your website from scratch, then Divi can cover up for your web design issue. It is not only responsive but has many options for users to choose what is best according to their taste.


Bloggers and designers are not much tech-savvy to know about coding details of a website. If they are going to hire someone in their early stages of blogs, it will cost them a lot than their actual budget. WordPress themes are helping a lot of new web designers and business owners to improve their site’s outlook and stand out among the digital crowd.  Many free themes allow you to design or just mix and match a unique layout for your website. You can choose any design you like, but make sure that it should be quick, aesthetically pleasing, and super responsive to provide a professional and user-friendly interface on the whole. WordPress themes power around 73 million websites worldwide. The visual appeal and user experience can form a lasting impression on a reader if it does not lag in the navigation and loading phase. 

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