4 Simple Steps to Bring Advertisers to your Blog

What do advertisers really want? 

If you’re struggling with attracting advertisers to your blog, you’re not the only one. Let’s delve into how to better attract advertisers so that you can monetize all the hard work that you’ve put into your blog. 

A “good” website isn’t enough. 

Any potential advertiser is taking a risk by advertising on your blog. They want to reduce that risk as much as possible, so having a well-maintained webpage simply isn’t enough. You need to ensure your stats and metrics are as high as your competition to win out that chance to have advertisers choose you. Advertisers will pay close attention to how well your blog does, and if you have a consistent readership that is readily growing.

That may mean advertising yourself, or it could mean simply changing up how you market your blog. Post your most recent blogs on social media and make shareable content to improve click backs to your website. 

A “great” website makes a huge difference

If you think that advertisers won’t notice images not lining up correctly, or grammatical errors, re-think that. Great website design is pivotal to reaching readers and advertisers alike. Have you ever read a blog that you liked, until you realized that two essential words were misspelled? How did you feel when you stumbled over a sentence with strange syntax? It’s likely you were turned off enough to doubt their authority for the rest of the article. If a reader is doing that to your blog, so are potential advertisers.  Clean up any grammatical errors – there are plenty of free options on the market, and make sure that your website appears just as clean and polished on a mobile browser as it does on a huge computer screen. If you’re not sure how to do this, spend just a little bit of money to have a professional set that up for you and you’ll be on your way towards advertising heaven.

Cross-post to other outlets

Having a blog is great, but advertisers will also want to know how they can leverage advertising on your blog in other ways. Pinterest is a haven blogger income, so if you don’t have a business Pinterest account set up, set one up today. Additionally, consider whether you can use other social media like Instagram or Twitter to further your blog reach, but don’t post the same content on each media. As an example, Twitter is a place for conversation, so don’t just tell people you have a new blog up – actually engage!  

Consider guest posts

Advertisers are always looking for different ways to engage with potential customers. One way for them to do this is in the form of guest blogs. If advertisers notice that you already have several guest bloggers, they’ll be likelier to reach out to see if they could also take advantage of this. Here is a great article on how to attract guest bloggers.

Consistency is key

If your blog is young, make sure you continue posting regularly. Advertisers may not take notice right away, but when they do, they’ll absolutely check to see how often you post, and how regularly you upload.  

Finally, if you’re discouraged that advertisers are not coming to you, consider going to the source. Reach out in a professional way to inquire whether companies would be interested in checking out your page or making an appearance in the form of a guest blog. 

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