3 Ways to Improve Online Business Meetings During COVID-19

Since COVID-19, event planners have to find new ways to entertain their employees and clients. Zoom, Google Meets, WebEx, Microsoft teams and other platforms have been the preferred tools to conduct business meetings and transactions, virtually. The magic behind these platforms is that they’re interactive and have the power to keep everyone connected during this time of uncertainty. But, as we continue doing the same routine with the absence of face to face meetings a lot of corporate events are getting postponed or canceled this year. 

“How can we engage our employees and clients?” or “What can I do to improve our business meetings for our clients?” are common questions managers have when using online platforms to continue business operations. After all, research shows that investing in your employee equals better retention and a happier workplace. Boosting employee morale will not only make the company an appealing place to work, but it will help motivate employees to acquire and keep the organization’s clients happy. 

Here are 4 ways to improve online business meetings during COVID-19 so that employers can move forward in these unprecedented times.

1. Don’t overload your team with back to back meetings

As your team may be working from home, this doesn’t mean that you should schedule multiple meetings in a day. You want to be able to encourage engagement, and collaboration while avoiding fatigue from long and redundant meetings. Managers should also add alternative communication tools so that they can give their employees another option for messaging. This way, there’s less pressure to be on camera and you can work simultaneously. 

For instance, Slack is a wonderful platform that allows interest based chat rooms. You can create multiple chat rooms based on current events like football, pets, and other categories while keeping everyone in the loop.

2. Conduct Mental health check ins

COVID-19 has made things really stressful for a lot of businesses and families. It’s important to emphasize with your team and do mental “check ins” on how they’re doing. Just as their well being is important and one of the main reasons we all went virtual, managers should consider each and every employee’s situation at home. For instance, some employees may have children that are doing virtual learning, and it can be tough to juggle both their needs and performing at work. Consider their time and try and work out a flexible schedule with them as their children aren’t of age to work out theirs.

3. Spice up your business meetings with virtual magic entertainment

Who says virtual meetings have to strictly be about work? Entertaining employees and clients while they’re home can help boost the morale for everyone involved. It’s also interactive and an effective way to give your team an exercise they can do together. Virtual magic is also a great way to break the ice with clients. It’s perfect for keeping employees engaged and for team building exercises. 

There are only a few virtual magicians that offer private corporate events virtually. Harrison Kramer is a NYC magician and mentalist who has done 15-90 minute virtual magic shows for businesses all around the world. Each show is unique and caters to audiences of all sizes. 

Are virtual meetings the “new” trend of communication in the future? 

In short, the answer is yes, for now.

As the path of the COVID-19 virus continues to circulate around the world, virtual telecommunications is the most safe and preferred method of meeting employees and people all around the world. It is also a way to keep everyone connected during these times. Businesses will only continue to adapt to new technology trends and unforeseen events like COVID-19. 

Guest article written by: Harrison Kramer is a NYC magician and mentalist who has taken his shows virtually beyond the city that never sleeps. As COVID-19 may have stopped face to face meetings, for now, Harrison will continue to help businesses all over the world stay connected with his unique virtual magic shows. You can check out his performances and learn more about what to expect from the magician and mentalist Harrison Kramer at https://harrisonkramer.com

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