4 cheap marketing hacks to grow your business during pandemic

Budget limits highly impact business awareness growing, audience acquiring and the revenue generating. In practice, 39% of small businessmen admit that budget limit is the main brake factor of business development. In this case some affordable marketing tools can be extremely useful. Despite their low price, they can bring high income and increase customer base.

In the following material we’ll describe four hacks of marketing that will be helpful in acquiring new audience and generating sales without huge investments:

  • remain in the center of mass media via giving interviews to podcasters and journalists;
  • change the existing views of your brand;
  • publish video content on your landing web-resource;
  • correct the purpose of outdated content from your blog.

So, lets talk about each hack in more detail in order to realize their role in business development and to understand the ways of implementation for increasing customer base.

1.Remain in the center of mass media via giving interviews to podcasters and journalists

On average we get around 10 or 20 incoming mails on a daily basis that come from the customers responding to journalists’ or podcasters’ requests concerning their stories. Such requests come from day to day, so that there are dozens of them for all the existing keywords and topics.

The most complicated part is to determine the most relevant one in the particular case as those requests are present across tonnes of various databases (newsletters, hashtags) on Twitter.

In the newsletters of high popularity these come out on a regular manner. For instance: HelpAReporterOut, JournoRequests, ProfNet, ResponseSource and a lot more.

In order for your response to be featured you need to follow few recommendations:

  1. Ensure that all the questions being asked are answered.
  2. Make sure that you fit the mass media representative by researching their past projects and episodes.
  3. Your answer is extraordinary as it contains exclusive content, or concerns some important news.

 2. Change the existing views of your brand

Brand lives on a number of web-resources: news feed, various blogs, ads platforms, etc. One of the least used ways of your brand promotion is ensuring that all the networks contain updated data and links of your company: URL, contact details, address, etc. Such brand mentions are also known as citations, and they can be extremely powerful for increasing referral traffic on your resource.

Despite this, almost in half of the cases the content, links or contact details concerning your brand in various web-resources are broken and need to be deleted or updated. The representative of Loganix describes it in the following way:

Brand mentions are online resources where your company name is mentioned, including contact details or ways to connect you for making deals or ordering services. Actualization of existing citations will help to save time and cash on purchasing new traffic, and particularly, to maximize the referral conversions.

Negative mentions of your brand can be connected with one of the following issues:

  • clients can’t connect you;
  • your company has low rank in Google search.

 Citations impact on a rank of your page on searching browsers. If they are not correct, the rank falls down.

The brand mentions’ quality, content and consistency are the key factors that can have extremely negative impact on the ranking of your company in Google. As far as users follow the reference on searching systems more than on social networks, ignoring wrong citations can detriment your company’s reputation.

The inventory of all mentions has to be taken in order to make sure that there are indicated right address, contact data, web-resourse and offerings. For data correction you have to contact the reporter or blogger who placed the citation on third-party web sites, such Yelp or Google My Business. It will provide the ability of taking control of additional resources and increase traffic on your page.

3.Publish video content on your landing web-resource

In order for your landing page to have a perfect design, it should have both quality content and style.

You should keep in mind that your audience won’t convert without your effort. They need to see the advantages of your product or service in a reasinable way.

Don’t be limited with photos and text content for showcasing your brand — video content on your landing page is a powerful tool for increasing convertions up to 86%.

To make your life easier use these useful apps for downloading music and video content. There is no need to create complicated videos — even simple productions will give a good result. Today’s audience is eager to see emotional content. Demonstrate your product in interactive manner with direct recommendations and offers to make this or that action.

In order to find out customers’ likes, you need to try various interpretations of your video. Landing pages have to be constantly optimized but only 17% of marketers are using to A/B testing. Use video content on your landing page for increasing conversions.

4.Correct the purpose of outdated content from your blog

Most companies and brands after making podcast records or placing blog posts just wait for customers to knock. However, the key to success hides in the actions for promoting and repurposing.

You might get incoming customers and engagement with your original content and that’s amazing! Anyway, you are losing tonnes more engagement without format rotation: podcasts, graphics, text, videos, webinars, etc.

For instance, the developer of Podreacher.com (service of changing podcast content into a blog posts) describes it in the following way:

Changing the contect format will help to turn outdated posts into podcast interview, or you can create an excellent webinar using one of the existing interviews. This is the most powerful tool for getting audience attention without extra spendings into making absolutely new content.”

Everything is quite simple — you can change the package of the insights from your page into multiple various contentforms including webinars, interviews, social posts, etc. In this way you’ll be able to extract the maximum value out of your business and getting new potential customers who will eagerly discover your updated insights.

Some forms of alternative content may be extremely useful, as well. Almost half of the mareting specialists agree that visual content has the greatest impact on the business development.

In addition, don’t be scared to experiment with outdated content.

An Evernote blog with 23 shares of one publication resulted in 181 shares after a full month. The secret of success laid in resharing of old content that increased the cinversion up to 686%! Content re-promo and changing its purpose is extremely powerful tool for perfecting your content and audience attraction.

To summarize:

  1. Today’s marketing has a limited budget so that marketing specialists are using some cheap hacks for business developing.
  2. Interact with mass media that is searching for interesting material for their articles and interviews.
  3. Update the citations of your brand on all web-resources in order to increase SEO rate.
  4. Share video content with your audience via landing pages.
  5. Change the form of outdatedc content, turn it to webinars, infographics and use various content forms for keeping attention of the audience.

 These are only several hacks from among a big list. Use your imagination and creativity for generating awareness and new customers.

Guest article written by: Smith provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational
background in the technical field and business studies helps him in
tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web
development and digital marketing.

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