4 Reasons to Buy LoL Accounts

League of Legends artwork.

League of Legends is one of the most popular e-sports games in the world, there are no two opinions about it. The massive MMORPG has a player base of over 100 million active users every month. This number is huge given that such figures are usually commanded by social media accounts that have only recently entered the 200+ million active users club.

The best thing about LoL accounts is that it is completely free. The bad thing is that it takes forever to level up since there’s a ton of grinding involved. And until you get to a sufficiently high level, it won’t be possible to play competitively with friends in high stakes situations. It can take you months or even years to reach level 30, which is the max possible level. 

If you’re still unsure whether you want to buy LoL accounts or not, the following reasons might compel you to purchase one.

Why Buy LoL Accounts for Sale at All?

If LoL is free, why spend money acquiring an account in the first place? It’s a valid question. Getting to level 30 is not easy, and most people want to skip out on the grinding and dive headfirst into heated battles. Here are some of the reasons they simply choose to ‘skip the queue’. 

1. It Is Super Fast

It can get pretty boring after constantly trying to level up. There are just so many hurdles in the way. First off, you need approximately 20,000 XP to reach level 30. Without booster packs, you can get an average of 90 XP in a single match. Simple math shows that you need 90 hours to reach level 30 assuming each match takes no more than approximately 30 minutes. It’s the needless grinding that gets to most people: it’s pointless and doesn’t serve any purpose. Besides, they’ve got work obligations that almost always get in the way!

2. More RP and BE

Riot Points and Blue Essence are the primary currencies used to unlock content in League of Legends. Riot Points are purchased with actual money and can be used in the Riot Store only. Each new LoL account gives players free 20,000 BE, which is enough to buy three legendary champions since each costs nearly 6,300 BE. This saves you the time spent farming champions, just buy your favorite champ and you’re good to go. 

With a new LoL account, you can change your role in real-time. By purchasing a new LoL account, you can buy all your favorite champions whenever you want. Plus, you can always dive into your original account where you play as a different champion. 

3. Switching Regions with Ease

LoL accounts let you switch regions easily. The most competitive region in the world right now is the EUW It’s got the best players with the highest skill sets to boot. LoL currently does not allow players living in the USA to play on European servers, and vice versa. 

You’ll need to spend 2600 RP at the Riot Store to buy a server transfer. That’s almost $20 of real money. And once you have switched, it would be harder to switch back. The best solution is to buy a LoL account from an EU server to start playing with your European friends in minutes. 

4. New Skins to Enjoy

Players get to grind unique skins that make their champions look slick. But getting your favorite skin is up to chance and random numbers. A new LoL account increases your options and gives you access to more skins to show off in matches. Also, with different LoL accounts, you’ll get more chances to reroll for better options. 

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Guest article written by: Nataliya Ramsay passionately blogs about all things League of Legends. She was one of the first gamers to play LoL and has tons of experience with different champions and has perfected the formula for winning matches. When she’s not busy with work and gaming, Nataliya can be found in the gym or at the beach. 

3 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Buy LoL Accounts”

  1. I love League of legends. It’s an amazing rpg game. I play it on my off days at work and spend the whole day with it.

    You’ve sure listed enough reasons why someone ought to purchase LoL accounts. Given from my experience, it’s worth it.

  2. Personally I buy Lol account once just for fun.
    But, I don’t know about the some of the benefits like more RP and BE and they are fast.
    Thanks man!

  3. I hope your examples will help many others like me. Much better. Let’s come and get something better.
    Thanks for sharing.Buy Facebook Accounts


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