7 ways to boost your initial website traffic in 2020

Do you know what is the most difficult part of starting a new blog or a website? 

You have purchased a domain, designed your dream website, and published your first 10 articles. Now what?

You can’t just sit back and wait for the people to come on your site. You must promote to get some traffic. I personally follow the 80:20 rule for myself. I spend 20% of my time creating content for my blog and rest 80% of the time promoting my content.

This is the year 2020, If you are still doing Facebook groups sharing and Blog commenting or Directories submission. You are probably increasing your website spam score. 

Google is smarter than you think. If you really want to get some genuine traffic, You need to work hard and be extra careful. All you need to do is make Google happy.

In this article, I am going to share some legit ways to grow your traffic during the initial days of blogging. Also, all of these methods are free, so you don’t need to spend any money when you are just starting.

1. Use Pinterest to drive traffic: With more than 400 million users per month on Pinterest. This is one of the best methods to drive traffic for your blog. 71% of Pinterest users are female and use these platforms to discover new products and trends. Over 50% of the traffic comes from the USA and these platforms can be the goldmine for newbie bloggers.

So before using these platforms, here are some tips to grow your Pinterest

Use Pinterest Ads toll to get keywords ideas about your niche

Add niche keywords in your profile name and bio

Make bright and highlighted pins

Use targeted keywords in the title of the pin and description

Add 5-10 pins per day.

Always try and test different pins for the same articles.

Follow people in your niche on Pinterest

Promote well-performing pins to get maximum out of it.

2. Guest Post Writing: Building backlinks from the authority’s sites are the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Not only it helps you to build authority for your website, but Also it indicates Google that your website has valuable content, and it gives a boost to your search results.

When you are just starting out, sometimes it can be difficult to get a backlink for a new website through guest posts. So it is advisable to build some authority first for your website and start approaching websites in your niche for a guest post request.

To start with you can use this free tool Drop my link to find backlinks opportunities for your blog. Very easy to use, just type your niche keywords, and start building backlinks.

3. Write Answers on Quora: Most of the people think Quora is a Question-Answer platform. But you use this platform to drive valuable traffic on your website. You just need to write answers about people’s queries related to your niche. Add a link in your answer pointing to related resources on your website.

Here are some tips that you can follow to get success on Quora

Create an Engaging Bio for your profile

When you are new on Quora, It may ban your answers. So, Answer 10-15 questions on Quora without any link.

Never add too many links in your answer

Add images to grab attention

Write a long post for questions having too many answers

Add Quora profile links to your answers

Write short paragraphs with proper headings and subheadings.

4. Start a YouTube Channel: Another great method to grow your traffic for a new site. Even if you are a camera-shy person, you can use this platform to drive thousands of visitors to your website every month. Just simply create a video using slides and screen recoded content and publish it on YouTube. 

Research about your competitors and share better content than your competitors and well SEO optimized. You can add links for your website in your description and ask people to visit your blog. Even you can create the same content that you have created for your website in video format. 

Tips to get maximum traffic from YouTube channel

Create SEO optimized Title and description for your video

Share your video at more and more platforms to make it popular.

Share valuable content to keep engaging your customers

Upload regular videos on YouTube

Use a good camera and a video editor to edit your videos

Interview industry people on your channel and tell them to share it with their audience.

5. Target Long Tail Keywords

This mistake is made by every other blogger when they are just starting out. They try to target keywords with high competition and end up wasting their time. Keyword research plays a very important role in writing content for your blog. 

So it is advisable to target long-tail keywords targeting user search intent directly. These keywords may have a lower search volume but have higher chances to rank on google. Once you share posts on some high authority sites and build some backlinks, It will start ranking. 

The best part is when you are targeting long-tail keywords there is a higher chance of converting visitors into your loyal customer. 

Once you build your domain authority and quality backlinks, then you can start targeting short-tail keywords for more traffic.

6. Get Traffic from Instagram: Instagram is fully packed with potential customers to grow your blog business. With the right strategies you can use this platform to drive visitors to your website every month. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms with more than 1 billion active users. Probably you have heard of people making millions of dollars using Instagram to make money while they are sleeping. They are utilizing this platform to sell their products and driving valuable traffic to their website. 

Here are some Best tips to get traffic from Instagram

Add links in IGTV videos as they are clickable

Optimize your bio with useful information about your blog with a URL of the blog. Also, use relevant hashtags in the bio section

Use Instagram latest features to boost your Instagram Page organically

Post consistently and share valuable content with your audience regularly

Use Instagram analytics to build your content strategy

Share your top-performing posts in your stories

You can invest some money in Instagram ads to boost your top-performing posts

7. Write Blog on Medium: With over 190 million visitors per month, Medium is another great platform to grow your traffic. It is a content sharing platform, where people write about their passion and share great stories. But Medium is not like other content sharing platform, where you can just write a great post, and it’s done. You need to be very strategic if you want to get success on medium. 

But trust me medium traffic is always high value and most converting. Here are some tips that worked for me to get my initial traffic from medium

Share Quality Content (Long Post)

Republish your content on medium with a canonical tag

Contact with Medium publication to get your post featured

Comment on Other publishers’ articles on medium

Use Short headlines

Grow your audience on medium to get maximum out of it.

So, these are the 7 Best methods to drive traffic for a new website. As a new blogger, you do not need to follow each and every method I have mentioned. It totally depends on your niche and your targeted audience. So, my advice is to start with any 2 or 3 platforms and utilize it completely. Once you start getting traffic with one source you can replicate it for other platforms as well.

Guest article written by: Hey there, I am a Mechanical Engineer turned in to a Self-taught Digital Marketer and a Blogger. I have helped hundreds of businesses to grow their online presence with the help of internet marketing. I write blogs about how to make money online, Blogging Tips, and Best Tools for your business. Check my Blog Here

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