Using Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing Cleverly To Achieve Your Goals

Content marketing

Instead of pitching your brand, there is another approach to drive profitable consumer action.

And that is content marketing.

This is a strategic tactic that centers on structuring and disseminating useful, relevant and consistent content to draw and retain a clearly defined target audience.

We can confidently say content marketing is a win-win situation for both the seller and the consumer.

  • The consumer gets useful information on how a product or a service helps solve their problems
  • The seller benefits by cost savings and increased sales
  • The seller garners better customers with greater loyalty. 

But we must also keep in mind that content marketing is most effective only when it offers customers truthful and unbiased information. 

Yes, your primary aim is to promote your brand. 

For this you must go beyond traditional push advertising or spreading promotional material to large groups.

Your objective must be to provide prospective consumers with an integrated user experience. 

Among the most powerful content marketing tips for marketers is they  must provide consumers with content that describe how the brand offers meaningful and relevant experiences. 

As one successful businessperson rightly pointed out, “No brand can exist on a standalone basis. A good brand is more than a product. It is a unified integrated set of experiences – right through conception, manufacture, marketing, and consumer assistance and after sales service”.

Content marketing must penetrate into the social media marketing as well.   

But unfortunately many businesses consider social media as just a hobby – or a platform that is just fun.

Yet, smart marketers know social media is an absolute necessity for developing visibility of the product, engagement and consumer loyalty.

The truth is, social media must be the throb of your company. It is a platform that gives a human face to your brand, and lets the customers know you are alive and you are striving for attention of the target audience.

If you are ignoring social media you are missing out on massive opportunities.

A carefully crafted social media strategy interspersed with subtle marketing tactics such as influencer marketing and others can catapult your brand into new territories.

You will get new consumer insights enabling you to greatly increase your ROI.

Think about social media as an animate thing.  It is conscious and will respond to how to interact with it.

This is true even in the B2B space.

If you think you cannot reach out to your prospective B2B clients on social media you are grossly mistaken.

Remember, the well-known social media platform Facebook has over 100 billion users that are active on the platform daily.

This number certainly presents a wealth of opportunity to reach out to your target audience.

If not Facebook you can choose any other social media platform.

The only thing you need to consider is each platform may require that you present the content in different manner suiting to its best practices.

Try to evaluate what stage your customers are in

  • Are they unaware of their problems and how your brand can offer solutions?
  • Do they understand problems but need more information of your brand
  • Buyers are having several options but they need rationale before they make a decision.

Once you are clear what your target audience wants you can craft your media campaign accordingly.

Guest article written by: ASHEESH MANI JAIN. Asheesh is the business head of Relevance. He is a marketing strategist with over 15 years of experience in online marketing management. Asheesh is a content marketing enthusiast with a focus on content promotion using owned, paid, earned, and shared media channels. He is data driven marketer who helps businesses build and grow their online footprint and generate maximum ROI from their marketing budgets.

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