The Dark Web, Tor: How To Be Anonymous Online

In today’s world where one can anonymously surf the internet, visit websites, grab online posts, and connect to instant messaging and other communication forms without having any judgmental eyes. Anonymously one can examine the deep web journey most simply without the requirement of further technical knowledge. One can connect to locked websites; keep the conversation private and IP address unidentified. Tor browser is the advanced, portable and easily installed services for nontechnical users. 

Here are some Interesting Facts about tor-browser

  • It can run on identical platforms.
  • It is easy to set FTP with Tor using configuration 0 as “socks4a” proxy on “localhost” port “9050”
  • Complex Data encryption before it is sent over the Internet.
  • Automatic data decryption at client side.
  • It is a combination of Firefox Browser + Tor Project.
  • Portable – Run a pre-configured web browser directly from the USB storage device.
  • It provides anonymity to servers and websites.
  • Connect to locked websites.
  • Capable of routing data to/from hidden services and applications behind the firewall.
  • Performs tasks without revealing the IP of Source.
  • No need to install it locally.
  • Available for architectures x86 and x86_64.
  • Tor is capable of handling thousands of relay and millions of users.

Tor browser in combination with other services and tools to double anonymous communication. TAILS, the complete anonymous operating system based on Debian/Linux runs from a DVD, USB Flash drive or SD card. The Tor browser is preinstalled and preconfigured in Tails. The major difference in using the tor browser in combination with the TAILS operating system is that TAILS does not leave any trace on the host computer system.  

All and any connections to the internet made on the Whonix OS are forced to be routed through the Tor network, it automatically hides our IP addresses, online activities and masks our locations. It has pre-installed Tor browser, along with Tor messenger, hidden IRC servers, secure E-mail clients such as Thunderbird and encrypts data connections with SCP.

Kali is one of the best Linux for Tor the planet has ever seen, it can be run as a live CD or USB, and also be installed on a virtual machine. Note that it’s primarily a pen testing and ethical hacking OS, and using Kali needs some level of command-line and shell knowledge,


The other hidden services which support the Tor browser include Vuze BitTorrent client, Bitmessage anonymous messaging system and TorChat instant messenger. There much social networking website available on deep web network, like Blackbook dark web, and also a black book deep web link. BlackBook was meant to be a FaceBook alternative on the Dark Web. You could add friends, leave status updates and join groups in much the same way as Facebook. Even the landing page was ripped straight from the Facebook site of the day. Sadly, in 2017 the site was hacked and as far as I know, has not recovered.

Few Tor browser provides file storage services such as:

Free Haven – A distributed anonymous file storage system that places focus on persistent availability of data.  Freedom Hosting – Formerly the largest Tor-specific web host, until the arrest of its owner in August 2013. 

The few hidden services for search includes  Ahmia, hidden service for search, BTDigg, Cliqz, DuckDuckGo, MetaGer, Sci-Hub, search engine which bypasses paywalls to provide free access to scientific and academic research papers and articles, Searx, The Pirate Bay, Grams and many more.

Guest article written by: Parul Rani Sagar. Technical writer / blogger. She has experienced building large audience based readily comprehensible text that focuses on page views, clicks and lead generation. She believes in ongoing developmen

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