Do You Know How Much Your App Is Worth?

Everyone is developing their own apps. The app has become necessary for small and large businesses. Even if you are a single businessman, you can also develop your own app. Your app remains just an icon of mobile if it does not gives any value. You have to understand what your app is capable of providing.

If your app provides value and generates business revenues, you have to know the worth of your mobile app. Suppose you have earned a lot with your app now you want to work on some other projects. Now the time has come when you want to sell your app. You can sell someone who needs to flourish their business. Businessmen always develop their mobile apps with the help of a mobile app development company in dubai.

Your app deserves rewards and a big amount if it generated a lot of revenue for your business. You will find many websites where you will get buyers who are ready to purchase your app. Estimate my app can help you to check your app worth. The app prices may fluctuate from the buyer side. The ultimate thing that your app can provide is services and values. In this article, we will discuss how much your app is worth it. 

How much Your App Is Worth?

The highest value someone can give you is the value of your app. A mobile app can make or break a company depends on its value. But for the valuation of your app, you have to think from given two aspects:  

  • Valuation By Cash

You can measure your worth in terms of cash. Suppose you can sum up all your cash generated by your app and minus all the expenses. The net value can be the value you can ask from your buyers. And the app expenses include so many things like app maintenance charges, licensing costs, and storage fees. After completing your net value, you have to do multiples using valuation. It can be x times your net value. The multiple of your net value depends on various factors like growth prospects, time commitment, your marketing strategy, and your niche.

  • Valuation by the sales comparison

Apart from factors like growth prospects, time commitment, marketing strategy, and niche. You have to check the sale value and its competitor of your app in the market. There might be big competition in the market for your mobile app. So before selling your app, also check the prices in the market before. There would be different t buyers if you sell your app on websites. The value of your app depends on your app value and its services. So before finalizing your app worth, also calculate your app performance and its services.  


Before finalizing your app’s worth, calculate everything related to your app. From its expenses to revenue generated. Add up all the amount generated by your app and subtract it by expenses. Also, consider other factors of the market. Your app niche, performance, and time commitment also matter. At the time valuation of multiples, consider the market trend as well.

Sometimes, you have a large volume of traffic on your app that also increases the value of your app. Your business and your customers are the real value you are going to give someone so while calculating your app, make sure everything. In this article we discuss that there are two ways to calculate your app worth: By cash and sales comparison. You can go to the market and check the prices of similar apps. 

Guest article written by: Mr. Aman Mishra is the CEO of TechGropse Pvt Ltd.; Mobile app development company. He has long-term experience in the Software Industry and holds his expertise in many different technologies. Also, Mr. Aman has authored many blogs on different topics of the industry such as mobile app development, healthcare app development, Android app development services, blockchain app development services, flutter, etc. You can reach to me for more mobile app development trends. 


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