Drupal 9 – Why and How to Migrate

Drupal Launched the latest version of its CMS, ‘Drupal 9’, on 3rd June 2020. Drupal 9 is just a neat and clean version of its predecessor Drupal 8. With this latest update, Drupal has moved Drupal 7 into end mode and Drupal 8 into maintenance mode. Hence, if you are still using older versions, we suggest you upgrade to at least Drupal 8 in the next six to 8 months to avoid any interruption before the support ends i.e. by November 2021. Previously, it used to take a lot of time to migrate from one version to another, it was like migrating a website from another CMS to Drupal Platform. 

Let’s look at the changes and why upgrading to Drupal 9 can be a better option?

What’s New?

There’s not much in terms of functionalities added to the Drupal 9 update and the limited changes won’t make any difference in Drupal 8’s functionalities. However, the biggest change that can be seen in the recent update was the removal of legacy codes from the last version. 

Here are some features that are updated with drupal’s Latest Update:

Backward Compatible

Backward Compatible means Drupal is consistent with its previously launched versions, Drupal 8. Therefore, the D9 software will be able to use the modules, configurations, and data built on Drupal 8. 

Breaking the type of Code is what the Drupal Community is focusing on, therefore preserving the backward information won’t affect the system performance. This way Drupal will be more advanced, faster, and clutter-free. 

Enhanced Performance

With the increasing responsive capabilities to the images, Drupal 9 powered CMS in Mobile Version will be able to display the best-fit size, that too faster while consuming less amount of data. Moreover, Drupal 9 also offers the following features:

  • Multilingual support
  • Define Multi WorkFlow with Content WorkFlow management. 
  • BigPipe integration for faster page loading 

Headless CMS

Drupal Website Development Services is reluctant to create a more advanced Headless CMS for faster and enhanced User Experience. Some of the essential features of Drupal Headless CMS are:

  • Create and Publish at once
  • Front-end Flexibility
  •  Easy to use tools. 

Migration from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9

Got a Website on D8(Drupal 8)? The migration of Drupal 8 to 9 is designed in such a way that It’ll be a relatively small step from 8 to 9. It won’t make any difference in most parts of the CMS system. The biggest difference between them can be identified as the compatibility of the features and tools with the D9 platform while D8 installation is going on. This process will give you enough time to plan changes if needed. Furthermore, D9’s module will help you by showing you the modules that need to be updated to support the new installation.  

Migration from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9

Still working on Drupal 7? No, there’s nothing wrong in that but this might be the right time to migrate to at least Drupal 8 as the support system from D7 will be discontinued by Drupal itself sooner or later. Migration of D7 to D8 will allow some tools that will be helpful for future migration to D9. A direct Migration from D7 to D9 can create difficulties within your website, as bypassing D8 will open pathways to a lot of compatibility issues putting unnecessary pressure by increasing the migration time. Especially when a lot of components on D7 are not familiar with Symfony, something that was introduced in D8. Hence, it is better to upgrade 1st to D8 and then move on to the D9 version.

Wrapping Up 

Drupal is the oldest yet most mature CMS out in the market today and with the launch of Drupal 9, it is going to be even better. If you are looking for migration of Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 or still confused about it, Get in touch with DrupalIndia, a leading Drupal Development Company with experienced Drupal 8 Module Development, that can look after the migration and other processes of your project while you can focus on the more productive part of your businesses. 

Guest article written by: Alex is working with Expert Drupal Development Company as a senior developer. Having years of experience and expertise in the website design, you can avail of the latest information on current, trending & upcoming technologies. Stay connected for more posts in the future and comments on us for improvements.

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