How to Hire the Right Mobile App Developers for your Business

When hiring a right mobile app development professional company, things go into tailspin, if you are not wise enough to consider what it takes to pick up a right one catering your needs perfectly.

The reasons?

Well, first of all, the market is swamped by innumerable companies offering mobile app development services. Their numbers cause saturation point in marketplace resulting in massive competitions. However, the cost of hiring a wrong company out of ignorance could land you in pitfalls, such as substandard mobile app service that would do no business to your business.

Here are certain tips you should follow to pick up a right mobile app developer for your business:

Figure out your needs

The first and foremost thing to consider is figuring out what types of mobile apps you want to develop for your customers. This is necessary just for giving your developer an idea of what exactly you want, like whether you need an app for your current business or something for a startup brand just came into market.

Your potential hire must possess knowledge of how to do wireframing, prototypes, custom animations and everything in this context.

Is the developer interested in your business?

What would you think of a developer who is barely interested in your business or want?

For starters, such professionals would take little interest in the process of development. Moreover, when it comes to giving creative inputs regarding your mobile apps, you will have none from them. 

All in all, the experience of working with such professionals is a bitter taste in your mouth.

Surf their portfolios

Want to hire a right mobile app developer? 

Then check their list of portfolios (if any). That would give you an idea of the particular developer would be a qualified hire for your business needs. Don’t forget that impressive UI is backbone of immersive engagement of any mobile app. Only an app developer with great works in the past would serve your purpose.

Ask for recommendations/referrals

As a client to a prospective mobile app developer, it is your responsibility to ask for referrals or recommendation. How would you trust your potential hire if there is none recommending or vouching for his/her expertise as a developer?

Go thorough customer testimonials or read reviews about the particular developer online.

Find the prospect of long-term business engagement

Why would you hire a mobile app developer not interested to cultivate a long-term business engagement with you?

The catch is, if you work with such a professional with long-term business goal, the result of having a sound professional service becomes quite a delight to savor. 

Considering the enormous time required for building a mobile app, plus feedback involved like introductory features to the app being developed, removing unwanted functionalities etc. it makes sense to hire a right mobile app developer with long-term business goal.

Is the developer experienced enough?

Don’t hesitate to gauge the experience quotient of your potential developer in whatever way you think necessary before you make a hiring decision.

Examples of many startups repenting after hiring a novice developer are many you can find on various forums on the internet.

Quell the temptation to low price

Quality doesn’t have its substitute with any monetary term. That said, don’t get driven to price quote of your development partner. Rather evaluate the scope of whether you can get a great product out of his/her service. 

Cheap product can save you some bucks but could be counterproductive for your business, over the time.

Ask for reasonable timeline to build up an app

A great and user-entertaining mobile app certainly takes a lot of time to complete, but it doesn’t’ mean to say that you have to wait for years to get it done. 

Therefore, when your development partner fails to give you a reasonable timeline for your mobile app to develop, think twice before making a hiring decision.

Other key considerations:

  • Be sure if you really need a developer’s service for your mobile app project.
  • Consider the language barrier if you have to work with a developer from another country.
  • Check the available resources of your development partner’s team. Make sure they are expert enough to handle your needs.


You would end up with great results for your mobile app project, if you hire a right developer. Before you make a hiring decision, make sure you’ve contemplated enough time and thought, plus your priority.

Guest article written by: The author of the above blog post is Pranay Agrawal, a co-founder of MobileCoderz Technologies that is a trusted mobile app development agency based in India. He is renowned for his proficiency in business consulting as well as strategy building. He loves writing informative blogs on technologies & trends in the mobile app world.

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