How Space Technology Improves Our Life on Earth? 5 Examples

Space and People

While it might seem like a waste of money to some, space exploration is essential to our well-being as humans. Advances in space technology are proving useful in day to day life, much to the surprise of many. That’s why the world can no longer ignore how space technology improves our lives.

When you want to understand better how this technology impacts the world, consider innovations around. Most are due to advances made in this industry and are now applied to day-to-day living. Those who believe this include the managing partner of Noosphere Ventures.

5 Ways in Which Space Technology Benefits Humanity

1. Climate Change

Gone are the days when climate change was something that happened to another part of the world. Now all of humanity is feeling the effects and scampering for ways to contain it. Those in agribusiness seek ways to use space technology for agriculture to lessen the impact of this change.

Around the world, cases of world hunger are on the rise due to low crop yields. Space technologies like satellites can help farmers better understand changing weather patterns to shift their planting cycles.

2. Improved Safety Measures

Private space technology companies seek to send more people to space. Still, they’re making safer vehicles. Another space technology benefit is more advancement in the production of transport vehicles. While making better spacecraft, the same technology is used to create safer vehicles.

3. Advances in Prostheses

Robotics is a field that drives space technology and has NASA working hard to perfect it. It’s led to more advances in robotics, which now means better and more comfortable prostheses. Many people who rely on these artificial limbs benefit from space technology in everyday life.

4. Production of Formulaid

Formulaid is a critical ingredient in making baby formula. What most people don’t know is baby formula has its origins in space technology. NASA was in the middle of making a better nutritional supplement for astronauts when it discovered it, and now millions of babies benefit from it.

5. Water Filtration Systems

Given that astronauts have to rely on recycled water, NASA came up with water filters. Today many people enjoy using this space technology, but few know of its origins. Given that there was a limit to how much water they could carry to space, NASA saw the need to find a way to reuse all the wastewater.

Conclusion: These 5  examples of space technology benefits prove why this industry is crucial for humanity. Most inventions and innovations made their way to the day-to-day life of all human beings.

Therefore, it’s essential to keep space technology alive since it means a better quality of life on earth.

Guest article written by: Emily Moore is a space engineer working for NASA. He holds a Ph.D. in physics and a Master’s in Engineering from MIT. He is an experienced space technology writer.

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