Top 6 Best Video Presentation Softwares of 2021


With lots of options available around in the designing world, it becomes a little overwhelming to find out the best video presentation software. 

Here, Designhill has listed out 6 best Presentation Makers to help you out with the task. Figure out the best one by looking into the features and services provided. 

  • Animaker Video Presentation Software

Animaker video is basically a Presentation maker. It is equipped with a lot of tools and resources for presentation purposes. They are easy to use and handle. You can create complex videos, animated, or live action videos. 

It has 2 types of versions- Full and Lite version. Full version has all the tools for creating and editing scenes, animated characters and frame editing. On the other hand, lite version is a simple editor with no tools at all times. 

It has a huge collection of millions, animation and live action formats. You can select any size of templates. 

Large number of images and video clips are also available on this platform. It has shapes, icons, designed text layouts, animated scene effects etc. 

It has no data visualisation and branding services. However, you can use colours and fonts that match your brand. 

It has no limit on video output. You can download mp4 videos and share directly on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. 

  • Biteable Video Presentation Software

Biteable is considered a marketing video creator. It’s new version is much more advanced and better and is called as Biteable 3.0 

Easy to use tools help in editing fonts, colour, text etc. To add to this, animation of text is done per slide. It has no undo or redo features.

Hundreds of video slides and templates are available. Its library has photos and clips in huge numbers. However, data visualisation features are not provided.

You can choose audio from the software and also upload your own. Though there is no length limit on video but Biteable suggests to keep it upto 3 min. 

Videos can be shared online or downloaded in mp4 or full HD forms on paid plans. 

  • Keynote Video Presentation Software 

Keynote Video Presentation Software is an Apple version of PowerPoint. This software is included in all Apple computers and can be readily used. It comes free with Mac computers. 

Interface is simple with tools organized simply and with enough space. Slides are present on left, tools on top and settings on right. You can undo and redo while creating videos. 

Keynote is available to all Mac users and android users also who have a keynote with Apple cloud account. 

Huge number of templates and visuals like icons and charts are provided in the software. It also provides access to charts and graphs. I’m in 3 forms- flat, 3D and interactive styles. There is no length limit on video. 

You can download mp4 and GIFs but can’t share content directly. 

  • Wideo Video Presentation Software 

This Presentation maker is fast and easy to use. It is a cloud based video presentation software. This is perfect for content creators who make videos or social media posts etc. 

Interface is clean and has a lot of space to work. There is a timeline editor and you can easily control one scene at a time. On the left there is a toolbar for adding elements, the right bar has features to add and organize scenes.

Hundred of templates in landscape, square or vertical orientations available. It is also equipped with backgrounds, images, videos etc. 

You can add music or audio files from the software itself and even by your own. 

Length on video depends on the subscription plan that you choose. The video output can be in mp4 and in horizontal, square or vertical orientations. Also, it can be shared directly on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. 

  • Premiere Rush Video Presentation Software

This is basically a video editing software. It has detailed video editing features and tools. 

It is considered an easy version of Adobe Premiere.  Both desktop and mobile apps are downloadable. 

Interface has a timeline at the bottom of the screen, media on the left and tools on the right. There are video editing tools on the bottom left. You can easily undo and redo in this software. 

Templates are not available on Premiere Rush but motion graphics title templates can be found. It has professional titles and editing features. 

You can use any font on title for branding purposes but titles cannot be edited or changed. 

It has no time limit on video and videos can be downloaded in mp4 format and shared directly on social media.

  • Lumen 5 Video Presentation Software

This was initially created to import URLs from a blog post and AI software designed a presentation on it. 

But with time, more and more features have been added to support the original idea. It is a cloud based software.  

Simple and easy interface is present. Customization features have been limited on the software for placement and animation. 

Huge collection of templates is provided. Also, images and clips are also present in software. 

For branding purposes, fonts, music and brand auto is available on paid plans. 

Length limit on video is upto 5 min and there 20 scene time given to vertical videos. 

Content creators find this software amazing and equipped with ready to use features. 

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  1. This is some good information. Lumen5 and Animaker are good software. I have been using Lumen5 from a long time. It is very easy to use software which gives best results. Animaker is also a good software, but comparatively I prefer Lumen5.

  2. Very informative information. It’s a well-known fact that recordings are a significant method of imparting data. With abilities to focus dropping and the need to get bigger measures of data across in a more limited timeframe, a very much positioned video can take your introduction to the following level.

  3. Awesome, Thanks for contributing your important time to post such an interesting & useful collection of knowledgeable resources that are always of great need to everyone. I visit this blog first time and encourage by this good stuff work. Unbelievable post keep posting such great information.

  4. Actually recently I want to buy a best video presentation software but i was so confused which i should buy and which is best software but after reading your article it will really help me to choosing a best video presentation software. I would love to go with Animaker video presentation software. I like its features tools and it has no limit on video output. We can download videos and directly share on social media.
    Thank you for sharing informative information.

  5. Thanks for writing such an informative article. I was looking exactly for the same Software’s. All of these software’s are good, but every software has its own pros and cons. So we have to choose according to our presentation requirement.


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