Here is Why You Should Start a Digital Marketing Campaign in 2020

In 2020, launching a digital marketing campaign has become inevitable for all businesses around the world. In fact, if a business fails to launch at least one type of digital marketing campaigns, it may be doomed to failure and oblivion.

In the new age and competitive market we are facing, designing a marketing campaign, if carefully tailored to your company’s overall strategy and your customers’ needs and expectations, can help grow your business and gain new customers. Launching a campaign in 2020 is no longer limited to landing pages or creating a page on Twitter or Facebook. You need a well-planned strategy to succeed.

Marketing also is not a process that you want to do at specific times, like every quarterly. It needs to be a daily task at your business. You need a year-round campaign to stay in touch with current and potential customers. Running a campaign all year long gives you this chance to stay at the top of the minds and take constant feedback that leads to practical reformations and making improvements.

Prepare a well-defined strategy for your campaigns in 2020

If you planned to launch no campaigns due to your failings last year, then you are wrong. Instead of sinking into despair, search for the reasons of failure, make adjustments and come back stronger. Regaining the previous position is harder if your business stays out of the radar of customers for a while.

The failure of many marketing campaigns has a clear reason: They don’t have a clearly-defined strategy. According to managing digital marketing in 2020 research report by Smart Insights, 45% of respondents said they are doing digital marketing without a defined strategy! Not having a defined marketing strategy is like moving into a dark road without lights. You are directionless, while your competitors are on the right track with bright lights. let’s go through the reasons for starting a marketing campaign in 2020.

#1. Your competitors are spending more money on digital marketing

Businesses are ready to spend a more substantial portion of their revenue on marketing in 2020. Global advertising spending report shows steady growth from 2010 to 2019, and, predictably, the amount of money spent on marketing this year will be more than last year. According to The Gartner annual CMO Spend survey, 61% of CMOs expected their marketing budgets to increase in 2020, and 78% of them will increase investment in digital ads. 

Gartner CMO spend survey 2018-2019 revealed that companies spend an average of 11.2 percent of their revenue on marketing. Companies are also allocating more budget to digital channels rather than traditional ones. It is projected that 55% of the business marketing budget will go for digital marketing in 2024. 

Ask yourself now: What campaigns your competitors carried out last year, and what was the result? How much money did they spend on marketing? What channels did they use? These questions will help you to set more realistic goals for your campaigns and develop a competitive strategy. 

#2. Don’t swim upstream

While most of your competitors are spending more money on digital channels, you can’t swim upstream. Otherwise, you will get nothing except wasting budget and losing potential customers. You should accompany the digital wave and make the most of it. In the coming years, the budget for digital marketing encompasses more share from business overall budget and demand for digital services will increase. 

By expanding the use of digital devices and devoting more funds to digital marketing channels, maybe we can mark 2020 as the year of the starting of the Renaissance in digital marketing. Customers’ behavior is changing. New technologies are coming in, and the marketing world is rapidly moving towards digitalization. This transformation could open new horizons to companies in the coming years and change their overall strategy.

According to Statista’s global digital population report, as of January of 2020, 4.54 billion people, or 59 percent of the worldwide population, were active on the internet. Cisco’s Visual Networking Index also predicted that 1.4 billion new users would add to the internet by 2022. Increasing Internet users is an excellent opportunity for you to take a new approach to market your products or services or to revise your current approach. The more people access the internet, the more potential customers added to the queue.

#3. Use artificial intelligence (AI) to reshape your digital marketing fundamentals

The role of computers and algorithms in life and industry is becoming more prominent, and marketing, as an ever-evolving industry, has undergone many changes over the past few years due to the rise of artificial intelligence.

The use of AI in marketing has reached a level that a new term called “Artificial intelligence marketing” is created, and more businesses are incorporating AI into their marketing plans. Leveraging technology to gather and analyze data, you can implement more data-driven strategies and minimize guesswork.

AI can help you to predict trends in the market and customers’ needs, show ads to right potential customers, deliver personalized results, and improve user experience. Nowadays, businesses consider AI as a competitive edge, as 84% of respondents in a survey said their organization is interested in AI because it’s a competitive edge over competitors. Gartner also predicted that by 2020, AI would be a top-five investment priority for more than 30% of CIOs. 

The benefits you get from marketing in 2020 are still the same as in previous years. To acquire new customers, drive more sales, support company growth, and make communication circles it is essential to have a digital marketing campaign. But the advancements in message delivery and new technological tools can multiply the effect of your marketing messages. 

Here is how you can incorporate AI into your marketing strategies

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are no longer a popular theme of Hollywood movies for the new era, and they are increasing their share in marketing toolkits. According to the August 2019 CMO Survey, marketers reported a 27% increase in AI and machine learning deployment and 59% growth is projected for the next five years.

Revenues from the artificial intelligence software market are also expected to reach 89.85 billion in 2025, which is a significant growth compared to 7.4 billion dollars in 2018. Numbers suggest that AI has revolutionized digital marketing. But how can you benefit from it? Let’s see how. 


Chatbots are getting popular among businesses seeking an innovative way of interacting with customers. Thanks to AI and machine learning advancements, the experience we get from chatbots is becoming more humanized and it’s more difficult to distinguish a chatbot from a human.

Chatbots are AI-powered. They can collect data, detect patterns, and predict future requests through analysis. This makes them able to deliver better knowledge-based experience rather than humans. Chatbots are advanced enough today that you can safely entrust customer support to them.

Big data

Savvy marketers see great potential in big data to move them toward more meaningful insights and data-driven decisions. As Jay Samit says, “Data may disappoint, but it never lies,”

The data you have in hand is aggregated from your current or potential customers, and it helps you to write customer-driven messages and chooses the best channels to distribute them.

Wrapping up

Marketing competition in 2020 will not be easy. You have to be creative and committed enough to compete with businesses that have learned from their failures and successes in the last year and are ready to launch a solid campaign in 2020. 

Despite the money, time, and energy spend on marketing campaigns, certainly not all of them can be successful. Peloton’s Christmas ad is just one example of clueless campaigns in 2019 that were accused of sexism. So you need to be very careful about the way you are going to send your message. 

Guest article written by: Hamid Ganji is a tech enthusiast who enjoys reading and writing about technology trends. He also works as a copywriter and contributor editor at BSUPERIOR SYSTEM LTD. LinkedIn: – Twitter: @about_hamid – Medium: @hamidganji

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