Top 10 Business Intelligence Software

Wondering how Business Intelligence (BI) tools can help you? BI tools are designed to comprehend the large quantities of data that organizations tend to gather over time. With the help of these tools, analyzing this information and presenting it in an actionable format that could guide decision making becomes a lot easier.

What is Business Intelligence Software?

BI software is a set of ERP tools that organizations use for retrieving, analyzing, and transforming any data into valuable business insights. Some examples of BI tools are data visualization and warehousing, dashboards, and reporting. When comparing to competitive intelligence, the BI software pulls information from internal data that the business generates, rather than using any outside sources.

Since Big Data has become popular, even BI software has gained a lot of prominences. Many firms can now create, track, and accumulate business data at huge data and use it later to enhance their business outcomes.

Here are the most trending and top 10 BI tools that can help your organization.

1. Power BI: This platform is a fragment of the Microsoft BI suite, which comprises a range of products for different business requirements such as Power BI Desktop, Power BI Premium, Power BI Mobile, Power BI Pro, Power BI Report Server, and Power BI Embedded. This tool helps in feeding, processing, and reporting various data in the form of comprehensive reports and visuals to offer self-service BI and responsive and fast analytical capabilities.

2. Oracle Analytics Cloud: This AI-powered Oracle tool offers robust reporting and analytics features to organizations of all sizes. It provides a strong selection of various reporting and analytics features with the convenience of the cloud. This BI tool organizes and analyzes data for trends, and then transforms it into intuitive visual reports so that users can explore and share it easily. This helps in gaining a deeper insight of various business questions and making accurate predictions and forecasts.

3. Clear Analytics: A tool with high precision and clear business insights system, Clear Analytics enables extracting large amounts of data very easily from reliable sources and present it in professional reports. This software helps in dashboard creation, visual data presentation representing Key Performance Indicators (KPI), which further helps in strategic planning. The software also offers easy indication of issues and predictive analysis to help your business operations.

4. Yellowfin: This BI platform is a single integrated solution designed for varying organizations in terms of scale and needs. This system can be customized to fit different businesses like accounting, banking, insurance, advertising, manufacturing, marketing, media, engineering, technology, etc. The main functionalities include detailed dashboards, scorecards, predictive analytics, query and reporting writing, online analytical processing, and performance management. 

5. SAP Business Objects: This application can assist you to enhance your business performance by linking resources, information, and businesses across different business networks. SAP Business Objects includes multiple reporting and analysis applications that all have their own objective and function. You can use this exploration tool for searching through huge amounts of data and create unique visual outputs or reports of their findings.

6. TIBCO Spotfire: Spotfire is TIBCO’s comprehensive BI and data discovery platform. Powered by AI, this tool helps in performing various functions such as in-depth analysis and visual reporting. This tool supports insights with big data integration, AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and a lot more with the help of its streaming technology.

7. eResource Scheduler: A robust Enterprise resource management tool is used by a large number of enterprises across the globe. eResource Scheduler offers work, employees, teams, and project management features with a simple and user-friendly interface. This tool is available in both cloud-based and on-premise versions. You can choose the most suitable version according to your enterprise. This tool’s additional feature is that it has an API to easily integrate the ERP, CRM, and other third-party tools. With this Business intelligence tool, you can track and analyze the data in the most secure and suitable way. 

8. QlikView: This analytics solution is a Qliks classic which is used for quickly developing highly interactive and guided analytics applications and detailed dashboards for providing an insight to resolve business challenges. You can create visualizations, comprehensive dashboards, and apps. It also enables viewing the entire story that is present within the data. 

9. TIBCO Jaspersoft: An open source BI tool, Jaspersoft empowers people in making better decisions. It offers cost-effective, flexible, and widely deployed BI solutions which enable easier decision-making process by its highly interactive and user-friendly Web-based reports, comprehensive dashboards, and analysis.

10. Domo: This cloud-based BI suite fast-tracks digital transformation for businesses of various sizes. Be it micro or macro-level analysis, this tool offers in-depth insights into business metrics and helps in solving problems in a smart and quick manner. It helps to present the analyses in interactive and simple visualizations, thus facilitating the detection of actionable insights. Through shared KPIs, the users can overcome challenges such as team silos and make successful collaborations across departments.

Guest article written by: Harshita Moolchandani is a Public Relation Strategist at eResource Scheduler. She is dedicatedly working with technology, Digital Marketing, advertising and E-commerce SEO skills to improve the visibility of the clients over the web.

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