Advantages of Shooting Your Wedding Video with Two Cameras

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and it is only fitting that it is remembered like the special event that it is. Some of the most significant people that are necessary to achieve that is to hire a videographer, a professional who is in charge of capturing scenes of the day in film, for you and your family to enjoy in the coming years. Because of this, it is now virtually a tradition to have a videographer in a wedding, but have you ever considered having two? There is an extra fee to be paid for that, yes, but here are some of the biggest reasons why that is worth it.

Bigger Scope of Coverage

Your videographer is in charge of covering different stages of the wedding, including preparation, the ceremony, and the reception. One videographer can usually take care of all these, but it cannot be denied that sometimes, the results are not as good as they could have been, if there was an extra pair of hands that could work on other areas of the coverage.

Take, for instance, the preparation of the bride and groom before the ceremony. Unless they are located in the same area or hotel, chances are the resulting video may not be as comprehensive, as the videographer will need to change locations and work with time constraints. Similarly, setting up at the wedding location will need to be done way before the start of the ceremony. An extra videographer can make sure that all the necessary equipment are up and running before the ceremony starts. Even better, if there is anything that needs to be replaced or readjusted, your videographer can see to it while the other videographer takes care of the preparation coverage.

Some of your key moments will also be recorded better when you have two videographers. This is critical, if you want to end up with a really special montage of events after the wedding video editing. Normally, a videographer will have at least two static cameras, but having two videographers can mean static cameras and dynamic cameras. So you don’t just have constant shots, you also have a wide array of shot choices.

Lower Risks of Missing Out on Key Moments

You don’t ever want your videographer to miss any of the key moments that happen in a wedding, such as the exchange of vows and the first kiss as a married couple. But the thing is, there is always that risk. Having more than one videographer cuts that risk down in half, so that you can be more assured that you don’t have to worry about the moment being shot at a bad angle, messed up in other ways, or just absolutely not on record.

More Room for Creativity

Videographers are some of the most talented creative out there, and having two on your team during your wedding can lead to a lot of good things. You don’t ever have to worry about running out of creative ideas, for one. You also have the luxury of having another creative to consult, if the first one is stumped for ideas. Even something as technically minute as having one of your videographers reduce a clip by a couple of frames can result in something significantly different and better, in the final video.

Faster Turnaround

Speaking of the final video, having two videographers can help make sure that you get yours faster than if you had only one videographer.

8 thoughts on “Advantages of Shooting Your Wedding Video with Two Cameras”

  1. Hii Klaus
    Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome info . i personally agree having two camera it saves more time and capture more moments .thx & keep it up with such great content

  2. Hi, Klaus I totally agree with you. There is an advantage of Having two camera for shooting video on any occasion.

  3. Hi Klaus,

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article. I do agree with your point, having two camera is so important for event like this because its saves a lot of time and help to capture the best moments.


  4. I’ve been to a wedding where the videographer uses two cameras and he doesn’t have a partner. Shooting a wedding with two cameras without an assistant seems tricky, but with the availability of Go-pros and knockoffs, it’s doable.

  5. Not gonna lie I wasn’t sure if you were talking about having two cameras or two videographers! It does look like you are talking about 2 videographers though? I would recommend changing the title as it’s a bit misleading!

  6. The more coverage the better for sure, at the very least try to have two photographers cover stills for your wedding, it just provides so many more captured moments than a single wedding photographer can manage, especially early in the day while the bride and groom prep are traditionally happening in different locations prior to the ceremony.


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