Create magic photos using a drone? Seven tips for you!

As a photographer, I am always looking for new ways to improve myself and new ways to explore and capture the world around me. When I first discovered flying with a camera, I also discovered a whole new world of photographic opportunities.

I have been managing Phantoms for the past few years and, thanks to the advancement of technology, DJI have created incredible photography tools that allow us to see and shoot amazing things from the air.

Here are some tips that I do when I want to shoot something more than a regular shot. These tips will help you open your eyes and see the world from a slightly different angle – from above.

  • Look for Shadows

Although the early morning and midday are ideal times for the photographer, when the shadows are soft and warm, do not be afraid to fly in bright sunny weather. Look for dark long shadows that form interesting shapes and patterns. Shadows photographed from above can reveal small objects below. There are so many interesting shadows that can be seen from the air – this is what will help your photos stand out among others.

  • Look Down

Point your camera straight down to discover interesting surprises that are not visible from the ground. Such a perspective gives you a bird’s eye view and a view of the world from above. Instead of directing your camera constantly toward sunset, why not look for shapes that look like objects and name your shots with them so that the viewer can also see a hand pointing to the sea or the snout of a howling wolf, the outline of which is built with stones and rocks along the coast.

  • Creative Post Processing

Knowing now how to fly and take pictures with your drone, it is time to move on to the next level! Why not try something new? The original solutions that we use on our cameras in the post-processing process can also be applied in aerial photography. Find a frame that is itself contrasting and has interesting patterns, lines, textures and shapes and make it black and white. Or make something unique from color images by adding textures, soft pastels, or atmospheric effects to them.

  • Take a picture of your drone

We take the drone with us to the most interesting places, so do not forget to take a picture of it in flight! In this picture, for example, I went to shoot the Milky Way and thought it would be even more interesting to photograph the traces of the drone too. Capture the moment both from the earth and from the air and reveal the picture completely. (Note: Ask someone who could press the shutter of the drone or camera with you.)

  • Visit Interesting Places

Taking a drone with you on road trips and visiting new and interesting places is also part of the fun. And often you can find something unique and new, especially if you fly above the ground and look down. Have fun and experience this discoverer of joy!

  • Frame composition 

Drone gives you new creative possibilities and completely changes your perspective. The best example is the shot I took from a copter in northern Norfolk — waves on the coast. Normally, Norfolk is a very flat place where the photographer is very difficult to find inspiration and build some kind of composition. 

The drone allowed me to show the texture and shape of the coast, giving a top view, fundamentally changing my perception of the coast of Norfolk.

  • Shooting and flight modes 

For convenience, I usually use aperture priority mode. The camera automatically detects shutter speed and ISO (sensitivity). Although sometimes you can turn off auto-ISO and set the value manually. 

The Ruko f11 pro drone review also offers various smart flight modes – such as tripod mode and sport mode. The tripod mode allows you to get sharper images at slow shutter speeds. With a reasonable wind, it is realistic to get an image with a shutter speed of up to 1 second. This helps in very low light conditions. This will help a lot in situations where the only alternative is to increase ISO and quality loss.

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