Apple rolls out new Accessories for Sale, including updated Rotor Riot Game Controller for iPad and iPhone

Apple on Wednesday started rolling out an updated version of the Rotor Riot game controller, sporting newly added “Home” and “Options” buttons. Designed for use with the iPad and iPhone, the controller is available at Apple’s online store at $49.99.

Rotor Riot is described as the only Lightning-connected, full-sized gaming controller available today. The direct Lightning connection guarantees low latency and totally eliminates the need to wirelessly pair the game controller to an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Since it directly draws its power from the iOs device it is connected to, the controller doesn’t have a battery inside. Instead, its built-in Lightning connector allows for pass-through charging of the iPad or iPhone while it is being used.

The controller also comes with an optional “Zero Gravity device holder” in the box compatible with the iPhone 6 and newer. Check out Apple’s online store for the full list of devices compatible with the game controller.

The game controller otherwise appears the same as the previous version: analog left and right joysticks, analog L2 and R2 triggers, digital L1 and R1 bumpers, digital A/B/X/Y buttons, digital L3 and R3 clickable thumb sticks and a digital d-pad.

Services like Steam or the PlayStation Remote Play allow you to play any game, anytime, anywhere. Now, with the Apple Arcade, you can play many games to your heart’s content.

Other new items added to Apple’s online store this week include the following, among others:


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