SaaS Marketing Trends: Read or Miss Out

Accessibility, functionalities, and scalability are three important factors you need to master in order to hold your ground firmly in this cutthroat business environment. This is the prime reason why companies have chosen Software as a service.

In the near future, SaaS companies will need to remain on their toes to overcome the challenges with futuristic innovations. According to Gartner, SaaS revenue will reach $151.1 billion by the end of 2022. SaaS will become the largest segment of public cloud services.

However, SaaS marketing comes with unique challenges which every startup and enterprise needs to understand before creating SaaS-based products. According to the Annual SaaS Report, the utilisation of SaaS products increases to 30% year to year.

To meet the increasing demands of SaaS products, SaaS marketers must apply distinctive trends or prepare a blueprint that draws positive outcomes. In this article, we have demonstrated 6 SaaS marketing trends that you can implement as a part of your marketing tactics. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.

Adoption of Native Advertising

Traditional way of displaying advertisements has become less effective when it comes to SaaS marketing. The time has come when we avoid using outdated ads and adopt native advertising tactics in order to provide relevant information to the users. Native advertising brings a lot of opportunities for the companies and facilitates them in decision making while marketing SaaS products.

Native advertising in SaaS marketing will help companies convert their audiences into potential customers. The native advertising firm AdYouLike reported that the global native advertising market will reach up to $400 billion by the end of 2025.

Native ads are effective if quality content is shared with the users. Hence, SaaS companies look to offer valuable and informative content to the readers that can easily solve their queries. Companies can also upload native ads onto their business website to bypass ad blockers. Correctly implemented native ads can do wonders and help businesses promote their product and services effectively.

Video Usage Will Dominate in SaaS Marketing

One should never ignore the fact that video content helps marketers establish brand awareness along with promoting their products or services. Thus, it is evident that SaaS businesses would adopt this marketing tactic. A study by Boosted stated that 59% senior executives watch a video rather than reading an article. Another study by Wyzowl revealed that 82% of the buyers get influenced to buy a product after watching a video.

Preparing a video that provides adequate information about your products or services will help you target potential customers. This would result in increasing conversion rates and reducing churn rate. Moreover, SaaS companies can leverage the time spent by the customers on their website to reduce bounce rate.

The Rising Popularity of Feature Marketing

SaaS solutions are rapidly growing day by day which forces businesses to add additional features, tools, and plug-ins to their digital products. Feature Marketing enables businesses to develop a side product for the same consumers. These products will be independent from the original products yet offer more added values to the users.

While you create additional features for your product, you will be benefited with an opportunity to create extra content for your website. As the features are new, your content tends to be new and fresh which helps improve SEO performance of your business website. Moreover, it also increases user engagement and generates higher ROI.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in SaaS Marketing

AI and Ml will be used for personalised and data-driven marketing campaigns. The artificial intelligence as a service market will reach $6-$7 billion by the end of 2023. The next upcoming years will be all about AI as many SaaS businesses start to deploy this technology to enhance and improve the user experience. 80% of B2B marketers believe that AI will play a key role in revolutionising the industries in the near future.

Here are a few application of AI and ML that can be used in SaaS Marketing:

  • AI and ML utilize behavioral and real-time data to prepare highly contextual information for the users.
  • AI is more powerful than human in terms of data processing. Additionally, a combination of AI and ML helps marketers boost ROI.
  • Machine Learning helps SaaS businesses regulate product price based on principal elements such as supply, demand, and competitor’s price.
  • Predictive analysis is the best highlight of AI and ML that SaaS companies can utilise for the marketing purpose. AI and ML provide marketers with profound knowledge about past data and offer future prospects based on that.

Adoption of Flexible Pricing Strategies

Determining the right price for a SaaS product is a challenging task and takes more time. It is a fact that the price of SaaS products directly influence customer’s buying decisions. You need to guarantee that the products and services are beneficial and set recurring charging to make it simpler to foresee the income scale with your clients as they grow.

Hence, SaaS businesses will implement flexible and data-driven pricing tactics in the upcoming years. This would benefit users in a certain way where they do not have to pay for the entire package, customers can pay for the specific services that would solve their issues.

Enhanced Mobile Optimization

The 21st century is a mobile-driven age. There are absolutely no boundaries when it comes to sharing information. People can connect with each other across the world within a second. Increasing use of mobile has led SaaS companies to apply unique marketing tactics which can attract users through mobile phone, tablets, etc. Morvere, employees do prefer working on mobile dashboards.

In 2021, and upcoming years, enhanced mobile optimization will play an integral role in the betterment of SaaS services. Every startup and enterprise has now understood the growing demand of the mobile SaaS market. Here is the list of areas where enhanced mobile optimization would affect in the future:

  • Increased mobile app personalization : AI and ML will join the SaaS industry to build robust mobile products.
  • Ultra-responsive mobile features and functionalities will be included.
  • Increased accessibility for the people suffering from autism, sight or hearing issues, learning disability.
  • Eye-catching mobile experience by implementing augmented and virtual reality capabilities
  • Upgraded in-app or platform user feedback

Mobile devices contain distinctive features and functionalities which can encourage SaaS businesses to create mobile-first design and development. This could help them generate high ROI considering the number of mobile users we have.


We hope this article will help you comprehend top SaaS marketing trends and how they will influence the IT businesses in the near future. Tell us what you think about this article. If you know something relevant to the article, do share your views in the comment section below.

Guest article written by: Jigar Agrawal. Jigar Agrawal is Digital Marketing Manager at eSparkBiz. He is Passionate about anything related to Digital Marketing. Wants to unlock the world of technology and Social Media where every day there is a chance of new possibility as well as innovation. Linkedin: – Twitter:


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